By MrsRockyHorror - 15/03/2010 08:11 - United States

Today, I seriously considered labelling myself as 'in a relationship' on Facebook, even though I haven't been in one since '92, so I can hide just how desperate I am. FML
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1992? Holy crap, that's almost as long as my age.

Whoa time for eharmony!


It's okay to feel lonely. XD

haha. desperate.

gasp. only one person replies to the top? (two now...)

The only thing I hate more than Facebook is FML's about Facebook. P.S: My iPod tried to auto-correct "Facebook" to "Gavin", what's up with that?

ydi u live in vermont

I will never understand why people have to be in a relationship in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Enjoy your life! Surround yourself with hobbies and good friends that will fill a little bit of the void that you're obviously feeling.

dude 92 yea ur desperate!!!! I'm suprised u even have friends on facebook if u have been single that long



WTF? I have NO idea why symbols appeared in my comment. Or why my comments get cut-off. You can thank the fml app for iPhone for that. >.< I meant to say that what Marley said was one of the most ignorant things you can say. Life does NOT revolve around being in a relationship. Now, THAT is pure immaturity.


Since 92?!?!? Not being in a relationship for awhile is one thing, but 18 years is a whole nother story! There are kids who were born at the end of that relationship who are now legally adults!

You dont need to be in a relationship to be happy. Live your life! Go to some parties, have fun with some friends, go on dates!

holy fuck 1992?!?!?! thats when i was born! okay, i shouldnt say that, dont worry OP, someone out there is for you....lets just hope you find that someone before your ovaries stop working so you can have kids...

Marley your a fake! get off here, honestllllly. your so annyoing. I bet your super hit in person so you have to get an atractive "scene girl" as your picture. get a life!

only in the states

18 years....? I doubt that....

ydi for bein antisocial

hahaha(10 18 30) hahahhahahhahahhahHHa anywho u eather fuck b4u date or u have no1 but family(if tat)in ur friends list so just dont have a facebook

damn go and get out there then it's nobody fault but yours go get you someone or atleast try (:

that sucks dude. find someone who you connect with, and try it. if it doesn't work out there are other people.

and ur a girl...DAMN u must b ugly! or have no tits and ass

wow that is desperate but have faith you'll find someone who's just as desperate like u lol

18 years?!?? holy fuck

you have been single as long as I've been alive

Wow. That sucks. >_

you've been single for most, if not all, of the people on FML's lives. YDI.

That's pretty sad.

1992? Holy crap, that's almost as long as my age.

damn bruhh I just thought about

That is my age, wow. Such a shame

I've been in a relationship since then and I wasn't even born then. not for another couple of years

You're almost 1992? Great job, teeniebopper.

lmao, youre kinda like the blue jays :P except the jays won in 92 and 93

Wow, that's horrible. Start going out on dates or hanging out at places more. :D

what they need is t get off face book and make real life friends. at the library..

OK Mercy that is seriously creepy, we have a guy like that here. He rides the bus.

The little town I more or less grew up in didn't have one, I know I was always at the libra... nevermind.

Agreed with #5, and also, maybe stop trying to meet men at the Rocky Horror Picture Shows!

Whoa time for eharmony!


those commercials are SO ANNOYING!

17 years? Holy fucking shit, you need to open up to people a little bit more. Im sure youll find someone to take interest in you.

2010-1992=18 years since we don't know when in 92 said relationship ended, 18 years is a better assumption than 17.

17 would be a better assumption since the relationship would have had to ended in the first three months for it to be 18 years.

That is so depressing. O_O I think it's time for you to try online dating if you already haven't. No shame in it, it's a great way to meet interesting new people. Maybe you just need to be a little bit more confident about yourself!

woooooooooooow!! thats sad maby you need to lower your standards for dateing?

There's no way that you haven't had ANY chance for a date since 1992. You must just be really picky. So you can't say you're desperate if you haven't tried out any options. I know I'm assuming, but honestly, how is that even possible? Unless you are a widow... hmm...

92???? thats before i was born!!! poor guy

Same here!!! 1996 pwns!!!

You both have shamed 96 with your unnecessary use of multiple exclamation and question marks.

My god you people are young!

Wow I feel old. 1996? Christ. Just wait till people are proud of being born in 2000.

I am 20, born in 89. That people on this website were born in 1996 scares me a little lol.

I was born in '95, so I am approved of, right?

110 ur cute