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  TrekkieGirl  |  0

I will never understand why people have to be in a relationship in order to feel happy and fulfilled.

Enjoy your life! Surround yourself with hobbies and good friends that will fill a little bit of the void that you're obviously feeling.

  imdeborah  |  0


  imdeborah  |  0

WTF? I have NO idea why symbols appeared in my comment. Or why my comments get cut-off. You can thank the fml app for iPhone for that. >.< I meant to say that what Marley said was one of the most ignorant things you can say. Life does NOT revolve around being in a relationship. Now, THAT is pure immaturity.

  ReyEr9412  |  0

Since 92?!?!? Not being in a relationship for awhile is one thing, but 18 years is a whole nother story! There are kids who were born at the end of that relationship who are now legally adults!

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

holy fuck 1992?!?!?! thats when i was born! okay, i shouldnt say that, dont worry OP, someone out there is for you....lets just hope you find that someone before your ovaries stop working so you can have kids...

  paigeatsflesh  |  11

Marley your a fake! get off here, honestllllly. your so annyoing. I bet your super hit in person so you have to get an atractive "scene girl" as your picture. get a life!

By  hk_fml  |  9

That is so depressing. O_O I think it's time for you to try online dating if you already haven't. No shame in it, it's a great way to meet interesting new people.

Maybe you just need to be a little bit more confident about yourself!

By  aeliz  |  0

There's no way that you haven't had ANY chance for a date since 1992. You must just be really picky. So you can't say you're desperate if you haven't tried out any options. I know I'm assuming, but honestly, how is that even possible? Unless you are a widow... hmm...