By HappyBirthdayISuppose - United States - Westminster
Today, for my birthday, the only "gift" my parents gave me was the gift of choice: I got to choose which one of them I'll be living with after their upcoming divorce. This was the first time I'd heard anything about a divorce. FML
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  gntfmlingnow  |  12

It does sound really unfair and like a horrible choice in timing, but on the bright side at least they got a choice. Custody battles can really screw things up and make life more difficult for everyone involved, especially if you end up with the parent you don't like as much.

They should have mentioned this at another time, but still. I'm glad they could handle that part of the divorce with less trouble.

Edit: Could this possibly be an extremely screwed up April Fools prank?

By  Chucklikesbacon  |  12

First off, happy birthday! I'm sorry your parents didn't think about you at all! Also, they shouldn't make you choose like that! I hope it works out. And maybe, treat yourself on your birthday, even if it's not as nice as being treated.

  deloria_fml  |  22

Maybe they'd decided they wouldn't divorce until OP was however old she turned when she posted this. Some couples don't want to divorce until their kids are 16, so it kind of turns into a ticking time bomb situation and becomes all they can think about. Her birthday could have been the release from a horrible marriage for both her parents. Yes, I agree that it's terrible of them to have sprung this on her on her birthday, but they might have gotten so used to the idea that they didn't even imagine it would be any different for her.

  perdix  |  29

#7, on point #2, you are almost certainly right. Most parents hate each other for many years and try to stay together "for the sake of the kids" before they pull the trigger on the divorce process. Unless some urgent problem cropped up (abuse, cheating), they could have waited until after the OP's birthday to break the news.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I concur with Perdix. OP will always be reminded, on her birthday, for the rest of her life, that instead of celebrating it with her family, her parents forced her to choose between who she wants to live with.

By  cieloalicia  |  16

Happy birthday, girl! Divorce is not an easy thing to go through, especially being the child. Just surround yourself with good friends and supportive family members.