By fobfan14 - 16/09/2009 10:37 - United States

Today, somebody broke in to my house and stole my laptop, which had years worth of family photos on it. Where was I when it was stolen? At Staples, buying supplies that included CDs to finally back up my pictures. FML
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wow, that sucks. talk about irony.

Stolen from her house.


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YDI for not attacking the robber with a samurai sword

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I think I love you #8.

The word you are looking for is Katana. Or if you want to be specific: Katana, Tonto or Wakizashi. /ok, I'm done being a snarky fuck. I actually have these as defense in my house. Guns are for pussies.

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YDI for being a Fallout Boy fan, as it says in your username.

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This my children, is the most perfect example of irony you will ever find.

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Lolz hello MLIA'er

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't it just a daito? And yes guns are for pussies, but their a lot more effective than swords, UNLESS you can like chop a bullet in half. XD

"Yeah, you know what happens to motherfuckers carry knives? They get shot!" My favorite line from Death Proof. Anyway, guns aren't for pussies...

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Knives are a really slimy way to kill someone.. You have to gain a certain amount of trust before you're close enough to stab someone. Guns are the great equalizer. It's like Eazy E said, "With a gatt, it don't matter if he's smarter or bigger".

well don't take it to staples... duh

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whats wrong with them????

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#17 don't bring a sword to a gun fight XD

wow, that sucks. talk about irony.

That sucks. You shouldn't bring valuables with you when you don't have to!

Stolen from her house.

Oh sweet irony.

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This is both a FYL and a YDI...FYL because your house got broken into and your laptop got stolen...but YDI (losing your pictures, not the break it) for waiting years to get with the 21st century and back up your pictures. Anything couldve happened to lose them, not just a break in, like a comp crash or something

Can I be serious for a second? Noone I know backs up their pictures. NOONE.

How did he deserve it imagine having all of your old family picture robbed from you

Even more ironically, when the thief took the laptop and got away scot free, he said, "That was easy."

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I literally loled

Plexico wins. =)

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xD plexico FTW!

LOL #7! Same thing happened to me. Except they broke into my office building and stole several laptops. Yes, I had not backed up my photographs either. I learned my lesson and make physical (CD or DVD) backup every time I load new pictures onto it. Also back up the entire laptop to an external hard drive every day, and keep it separate from the laptop. Office has beefed up security as well.

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awe what a bummer :(

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that sucks! with my main computer I had bought the cd's to do it and I kept putting it off. well my computer decided to just shut off and NEVER go back on, no matter what I do... so I know how you feel. I had about 7 years of family birthday and holiday parties on it. Not to mention half of a novel I was writing...