By foretwintie - 06/06/2009 11:18 - Canada

Today, while I was taking a break at work, someone stole my iPod from my desk. I work in a police station. FML
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thats irony for you

that thief sure was brave.


thats irony for you

It's OBVIOUSLY fake. Cops don't have time for iPods.. they have donuts instead....

wow epic FAIL.

How do you know it wasn't a ghost? huh!? huh!?... Oh..Ooh. Burn? What no. not burn.. Omfg screw this.

fail on your part

Cops are all bad.

that thief sure was brave.

Lmfao, irony indeed.

AMGZ go to the police station, they'll help you recover it. Oh wait. (Lamejokeislame)

LOL- agree with #1 that sucks..... Also, if u had a crap ipod- good excuse to get an iphone or ipod touch (which kick ass)

...Don't you have a security camera in the police station? And thats what you get for feeding the corporate giant that is iPod. go with Sansa :D

no, iPod is nota corporate giant, Apple is. and they deserve it. except for there software sucking. But imagine this: A MacBook pro running Windows!

Uh, dude... You can run Windows on a Macbook...

Learn correct grammer.

Bieber Fan!!! I'd rather befriend the grammar nazi, at least they have standards.

LOL, but yeah wouldn't you have a security camera there? #8: learn to spell :P

^^^best picture ever!!!!^^^

I agree with #7 there has to be cameras