By foretwintie - 06/06/2009 11:18 - Canada

Today, while I was taking a break at work, someone stole my iPod from my desk. I work in a police station. FML
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It's OBVIOUSLY fake. Cops don't have time for iPods.. they have donuts instead....

How do you know it wasn't a ghost? huh!? huh!?... Oh..Ooh. Burn? What no. not burn.. Omfg screw this.

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AMGZ go to the police station, they'll help you recover it. Oh wait. (Lamejokeislame)

LOL- agree with #1 that sucks..... Also, if u had a crap ipod- good excuse to get an iphone or ipod touch (which kick ass)

...Don't you have a security camera in the police station? And thats what you get for feeding the corporate giant that is iPod. go with Sansa :D

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no, iPod is nota corporate giant, Apple is. and they deserve it. except for there software sucking. But imagine this: A MacBook pro running Windows!

Uh, dude... You can run Windows on a Macbook...

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Bieber Fan!!! I'd rather befriend the grammar nazi, at least they have standards.


LOL, but yeah wouldn't you have a security camera there? #8: learn to spell :P

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I agree with #7 there has to be cameras