By Aaron - 27/01/2010 02:12 - United States

Today, some girl from Colorado called me. She knew my name. My Facebook. I had no idea how she got my number. She then asks me out. I say "sure" sarcastically. She then calls my girlfriend, who also lives in Colorado. Our relationship is now over. FML
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its probably better it happened......seriously like if your girlfriends gonna test you like that then whats the point of being together in the first place

"random girl from Colorado", "I had no idea...", "girlfriend/../lives in Colorado" and you didn't see the connection? YDI


its probably better it happened......seriously like if your girlfriends gonna test you like that then whats the point of being together in the first place

agreed, what the **** is the deal with that? i lived across the country from my boyfriend for a year and didnt do anything like that. and if shes really going to dump you over something that retarded, get over her quick, she wasnt worth it.

whether or not it was your girlfriend testing you, you're better off without her. if it was a random girl and you were being sarcastic, your girlfriend should know and that shouldn't come between you. if she was testing you, she's too insecure.

Agreed #1, this kinda shit is what makes relationships so difficult, crazy-assed people!!

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Big Brother is watching you right now!

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your girlfriend is insane, don't worry about her. and 99 , don't even quote that

well if your gf is gonna do something like that then she obviously doesnt trust you and its not worth it

explain to ur gf that u were being sarcastic. if she doesn't get ur humor, i forsee tons of problems with u guys anyway.

"random girl from Colorado", "I had no idea...", "girlfriend/../lives in Colorado" and you didn't see the connection? YDI

Agreed. Definitely sounds like you got tested, OP. FYL for having an insecure girlfriend who plays high-school games, YDI for not hanging up immediately (who sticks around and chats on the phone for a bit with a creeper?), and for not noticing it for what it was.

Exactly. YDI for not being able to put the evidence together. It's pretty obvious if was your girlfriend testing you to see if you could be faithful by having her friend call you. Everyone is better off in the end though.

I was thinking the exact thing! YDI for being a slow dumbass and not thinking, "Hey, wait a minute... this random girl knows A LOT about me... she lives in the same place as my GIRLFRIEND... she's asking me out???? of course its a test!"

I didn't realize. Then again, OP had way more reason than me to figure it out. He might've done though, but just not put it across well enough in the FML. Probably better for both of them if the relationship ended there though, if his girlfriend 1. had so little trust in him that she had to test him, and 2. wouldn't believe he was joking (that's if he told her, and if he didn't he probably wasn't overly bothered about them as a couple anyway).

Not all of us are middle school girls or choose to think like one. If your first thought is "this must be my girlfriend testing me" every time a stranger calls your phone, then something is wrong with you or your girlfriend.

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The way the OP phrased it, I didn't get it until I read the last sentence. I'm sure you just quickly read it without thinking, cuz it's just a stupid site. But for someone actually in the situation it's pretty dumb...I mean, having the prior knowledge that your girlfriend lives in Colorado and this random girl knows all of this information makes it pretty reasonable to assume she's trying to set you up. Honestly, knowing that, I would have dumped HER anyway. So not really a YDI cuz everything is just better off in the end.

haha, caught, but that sucks even though you were sarcastic.

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Your long-distance girlfriend broke up with you for cheating on her with a long-distance ****? Just a hunch: you jerk off to Internet ****. A lot. Am I right?

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Hahaha, no it doesn't. I jack off to **** and I have a very active social life. I have slept with people before, I'm just not in a relationship right now and would rather jerk off than sleep with someone I don't care about.

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what? no it doesn't. All men jerk off to internet **** (what other **** is there these days), guaranteed - married, manwhoring, busy social life or not. I don't know a single man who doesn't jerk off to the interwebs.

I jack off to FML..............................hang on a sec....................... fasdkl;jhdfasdadf OK, what was I saying?

so far living up to your name, #47. I would shake your hand but... well...

YDI even if it was sarcasticly /: why say yes to a girl asking you out you should have said no thx your not as pretty as my gf so eff off biotch O:<

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She probably thought he was real, if it was on Facebook, she can't tell it's sarcasm. Op diserves ot for being freakin dumb

actually if u read the fml it says she phoned him and knew his facebook. it didn't say it was over facebook :/

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Either you really didn't know how your girlfriend sounds on the phone or you don't know the rest of her friends. Get my drift?

Meant to like ur comment not dislike lol Btw for the top comment, it wasnt the SAME person, it was just some she knew

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y the hell would he call the police?!