By stressed - 12/10/2014 06:40 - United States - Statham

Today, as a restaurant manager, I had a large party of difficult guests. They sat in their private room they'd reserved for three-and-a-half hours, then caused a huge scene when it was time to pay. One guy even ran at me like he was going to hit me. FML
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Why can't people just be decent humans..

another exciting day on the restaurant management industry haha


another exciting day on the restaurant management industry haha

Especially if they're anything like the family from Malcolm in the middle.

interesting to say the least

I'd absolutely hate it if I had to deal with customers like this. However, this is very similar to part of the recent film 'Riot Club'.

Almost like the entitlement management industry

Maybe you should try talking to them calmly and explain how they have to pay or there can be very severe consequences.

I guess they've already tried to do that

Trust me some customers are very...difficult. Working at a restaurant I've learned that some are just difficult to deal with. And yes I'm being nice.

Double their fee.

Why can't people just be decent humans..

It's just not human nature... It's sad, really

Too much like right

You would think you'd be automatically nicer to the people in charge of your food.

I know I would.

It's funny when people forget that you handle their food

It sucks when managers say customers are always right...

If I become a restaurant employee and my boss days that, I'd let someone go for half off because they said they could.

Managing is a tricky job, especially with people like this.

Never let them back in. Sucks that some people can't be decent to others

I'm sorry for the long day. I would guess they didn't tip well either?