By Joey - 11/03/2012 06:51 - Canada

Today, while DJing at a jumpin' wedding reception, my speaker system conked out. I hadn't brought any backup equipment, and 500 guests had the unfortunate luxury of dancing to the sounds of a portable CD player someone brought in from their car. FML
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I should call you if my ex decides to get married.


A jumping themed wedding where its mandatory that everyone jumps. Instead of throwing a boquet of flowers, the last single lady left standing (jumping) wins (will be married next) :)

Sounds stupid but then again, I think marriage is stupid.

You didn't take my response or Evaki's comment seriously did you? And what's wrong with the institution of marriage. If its sooooo stupid, then why are millions of gays fighting for the right to perform it? Why did whites and blacks fight for it? There are also over a thousand rights/benefits for marriages in addition the companionship/love.

I agree with 1. What the hell does "jumpin'" mean?

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By jumping, I think OP meant that they were "jamming" or "dancing" to music like "hipsters." I will never understand the muggle realm.

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Oh no one will ever understand hipsters my dark lord, but muggles are things we can live without. Filthy aren't they? "Jumping" and "conked out" haven't been heard since the 80s......

I'm sorry, but nobody says "jumping", not even hipsters.

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He's Canadian... What do you expect?

Why are you all jumpin' on the bandwagon?

Should always check your stuff. Better luck next time!

You worked a 500 guest wedding and brought no backup? Weddings are no joke, people take that shit seriously. Next time BRING BACKUP!!

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OP, remind me to never hire you ax the dj at my wedding. YDI.

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You'll be hearing the complaints from your boss soon enough

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*plays factory noise with an elementary school on fire in background* my imitation of dubstep

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*with burning screaming rabbits running out of said school* Family Guy anyone? :D

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Lady Gaga is to Madonna, as Skrillex is to the dial-up modem.

Speaker systems really only "conk out" when you buy crappy equipment from guitar center, have no idea what you are doing, or don't take care of your gear. Take this as a learning experience. QSC K12s are a good value for the money (not as good as Meyer, KV2, EAW, turbo sound, l'acoustics, or nexo), just avoid the K Sub at all costs. If you have a separate amp, make sure it is at least 1.5 times as powerful as your speakers need. Overdriving the amp is a good way to blow your speakers fast.

Speaking of which, it's the first time in forever I head anyone used the term "conk out." I thought that died off back in the '80s.

I wonder what actually died, cuz it's not that often that a speaker or amp blows up under normal conditions. But when something does randomly die, especially DURING a gig, it's the worst thing ever... FYL OP

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Everyone I know uses conked out...

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you fail at trying to be funny, dont you.

I wasn't trying to be funny.. Just making a comment..

More like f the bride's life, you ruined her special day!

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Where's my cookie? I found your tumblr... :(

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I hate when people say it's the brides special day. The groom got married, too. So it's a special day for both.

Yeah but it's the brides special day mans special night.

If they aren't hardasses, they'll laugh about it later. I would, haha.

67, Something unexperienced and ******* amazing better happen on that wedding night then. Something equivalent to the 50 thousand dollars spent on the "brides" special day. Something tells me its just the same old sex hes had and will have for the next 50 or so years (if he's lucky).