By honeybee2487 - 30/08/2011 17:35 - United States

Today, at work, I heard a weird sound coming from the ceiling. As I looked up to see what it was, a huge splash of water hit me in the face. I called mall maintenance to let them know. They told me they already knew about the leak... from the sewage line. FML
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It would be hilarious if your mouth was open

Tastes like shit..


It would be hilarious if your mouth was open

Mmmm, tastes like chicken........shit.

I got the poo on me!!!!

Old guy- home is where you make it! Joe dirt- oh you like to see homo's naked? Well that's cool man. I love me some Joe dirt!

R Kelly would be proud...

I'm pretty sure it would taste like human shit rather than chicken shit...

Gross enough just falling on OP's face :u

Damn your luck stinks

That guy was just being a shit head. Don't take it too personally.

Wooow fly that's just awfull

29- apparently you and I are the only ones.

I would definitely file a complaint/report if I were you, OP. That's extremely unsanitary. Also, just wondering...why were the comments deactivated on the train FML?

It is rather shitty...

If your lucky (relatively), it was the intake, so it was in fact just water. If your unlucky, though, i would recommend a shower and aprox. four gallons of shampoo.

and a tetanus booster

Sounds like a shitty problem if you ask me.

#62 possibly because some commenting assholes will call the op a (insert vulgarity here) because his fml happened due to someone getting killed by te train, and judge him for being "__________" becase some one died even though it was a reference to what happen. Commentators in this site are crazy =|

Why don't you open your mouth so I can easily ejaculate in it?

#1 that's disgusting and totally unsanitary and I'm so sorry that happened to you #2 why didn't they let you know about the leak? That was kind of a dick move for no one to tell you. #3 I didn't mean to hit the ydi button so I'm really sorry about that too but I can't get it to go back :(

ew. well then I hope you didn't smell too much.

Your face, goddamit!

Ray William Johnson reference goddammit!!

Ray William Johnson? Shame on you

It couldn't have been that bad if she had to call maintenance before she realized it was sewage water.

I'm sorry that happened to you.. What does sewage taste like..?

Tastes like shit..

Well that was CRAPPY.

It tastes like goldfish.

It tastes like what I ate a day ago

My mothers cooking

77's mother.

Who needs face wash?

Maybe some pube-covered bar soap too?

In the sink.

While getting a bloody handjob..

Why not wear a bee keeping suit to protect yourself next time as well

and jump around like a chihuaha, after watching Steven Speilberg's IT.

Looks like your coworkers don't care about you enough to tell you anything.

OPS reaction was probably like your face...ScARY!!!

Happy birthday!!!!! Lol

its shocking how well that comment goes with your current pic

normally i go on fml and think theyre all hilarious. this is gross. i feel bad for OP

That's shitty haha I'm sure it pissed you off

Ha. I get it. I see what you did there. At least it was liquid that you couldn't tell it was sewage. FYL OP, just next time, listen to our little chicken friend when he says the at is falling.

It's funny, it's true except when it happens to you :P