By EwwGross - 31/08/2011 20:15 - United States

Today, I witnessed my neighbor draining his sewage-clogged plumbing into my backyard. FML
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Well that really stinks

wow slap the asshole


Well that really stinks

MrBoredGuy 1

Ehhh... At least you didn't say "stinky situation"

If he parks outside, take a shit, and put it in the air intake of his car(not the carburetor one) so that whenever he turns on his AC, heat, air, anything, it smells like shit. This horrible payback should last about a year too, unless he removes it quickly.

At least he wasn't dumping his clogged peaching into your backyard

Burn his house down. Simple solution.

Just shit on his door step or the good old flaming bag of dog shit in the letterbox either will easily resolve this situation

Me and my family actually do this to our neighbor lmaoooooooo

It's Jersey, he won't be able to smell the difference

You didn't stop him?

wow slap the asshole

Nah... it's just another "Keep The Garden State Green" Stimulus program!

Epsilonyx 15

Slapping his anus is going way too far. You disgust me.

HomeNiggityDawg 0

Spank him

atlanta_lex 0

Sue his ass

Yeah, we're from America so we'll just sue their ass! Court costs and time are just not worth a bit of shit in your backyard.

marpay 11

Unless you live off well water so he is poisoning your drinking water. Plus I'm pretty sure it's illegal to dump toxic waste in someones back yard.

Yes, beacause sewerage constitutes as toxic waste .... herpa derp! If anything, OP could thank his neighbor for some rich manure! It should make his lawn flourish in no time!

Well marinus since you sound so convinced this is all harmless let's see you allow someone to spill their crap in your lawn. Better yet, you don't think it's toxic waste so why not swim in some of it? You seem to think all of this is no bog deal

marpay 11

There is a reason that the government makes sure it is processed correctly, human shit has all sorts of bacteria in it that could make you gravely ill. Ecoli to name one.

Its still not toxic waste. Maybe you should define toxic waste first. And yes, I wouldnt like it if my neighbour did that to me, but I sure as hell won't take him to court over the one instance. If he does it like 3 times or so I might take legal action after confronting him and warning him about it first.

Holy Jesus. Say it with me everyone! Sarcasm! Poor Marinus, no one understands him.

IMO, do whatever you can legally to make him clean your yard and never do it again. OP may have children or pets that play in the backyard, or maybe he just doesn't want his backyard to smell like sh**.

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MsMeiriona 2

And you don't have any authorities that could be contacted about this?

And have them haul away his new shit???

MsMeiriona 2

Damnit, you made the old war wounds act up. Got 'em in the Xanth pun-wars of 02. The funny bone is screaming.

Exactly! It's not really that difficult...

borkchop1992 15

ughh call the cops...?

_NoobsRapedMe 2

Well if you can't grow balls and confront him , might as well make a snow angel out of it and then go hug him while he's showering.

Senior29 8

call the cops

No, after he's showered is better. Oh and make sure to lock the door on the way out so it doesnt look like a home invasion, which you know, IS ILLEGAL. dumbasses, I swear.