By FutureMarine3658 - 08/08/2012 14:00 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, out of habit, after scratching my balls, I then smelt my hand. It was at that moment I realized most of my gym was staring at me. FML
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Sunako_fml 9

What a disgusting habit. You deserve the contempt of your peers.


You have got to be kidding me. Haha? At least try a lame joke. Getting thumbed down for a stupid joke is better than this crap.

You're ******* weird, what the hell do you think it's supposed to smell like?

I agree. That IS the point of a FML. To get you to laugh. No point in commenting that then. Might as well go to a restaurant and say "I ate food." Alright that was a horrendous example. But whatever. 27- That was not a reply. Don't comment jack.

I love how you have only 39 comments yet you know all the rules to fml. It's not a written rule, plenty of people thread jack and not too many people seem to care.

Think you'll get a few odd looks from your future squad mates as well.

Comment number is pretty irrelevant, though I see your point. Most people make an account far after they start reading FML's. And thread jacking is alright in my book if the comments are funny.

1221jamw 11

Yeah thread jacking doesn't matter to me anymore, I used to care but stopped when nobody else did..

My dog does this its hilarious, and people saying it's weird its not its just instinctive. Maybe you could've disguised it as if you were wiping sweat off your upper lip then had a quick wiff?

You really did a lot with the first comment there bud...

Did someone other than me say "haha" like that kid from The Simpsons?

Actually, I'd agree that thread jacking is fine if it's funny. This wasn't. Baha

Why do people get so mad when they think the comment is stupid, it's really not that big of deal.

Sunako_fml 9
kaileylovesyew 4

I agree thats just extremely gross. Y wuld tht be a habit

borkchop1992 15

10-I like how your first sentence is grammatically correct and thwn your secpnd looks like a 13 year old girl wrote it.

FMLshark 12

Hey, for all we know, his balls could smell like roses. No? Okay.

21 - According to the profile, 10 actually is a 13 year old girl.

21 I like how you couldn't even make sure that your own comment had everything spelled correctly. Also, learn the difference between spelling and grammar.

10) Hey, I cut too! I just love cutting bitches! Are you going to end up being one of those bitches? Cause frankly, your profile pisses me off something fierce. 39) the fact that he misspelled was the joke.

Fine, let me rephrase that. 39) The fact that he misspelled WAS the joke, sweetie. 10) I feel like mauling you.

I agree with 39; seeing as neither sentence is grammatically correct.

JackeeDawn 9

Sometimes it is just a natural reaction.

aruam365 24

39- That was the point, genius! Congrats on having no sense of humor. He was typing like that intentionally.

21- Dude, that's an insult to 13 year old girls! We can actually type English.

Any male here, giving op shit, is a hypocrite. We all do it, op just made the mistake of forgetting he was in public.

21- I find that offensive because I have had exceptional grammar since around age 11-12. And 32, I think that they might just be younger than that. Just my thoughts :p

stephhrunsaway 21

Anything with "out of habit I..." deserves it lol

luvlifeyolo 1

Ewww dude that's juts gross!!!

39- It was both, dumbass. She forgot a period at the end, and her spelling was atrocious.

kaileylovesyew 4

Ok.Yes, I am a 13 year old girl. I am sorry if I some how offended the stupid Grammar Nazis with the horrible grammar and attrocious spelling in my previous comment (10) and i also appoligize if any of the words in this comment. Is my grammar and everything good enough now?

welandedonthemoo 5

Reminds me of that show Blue Mountain State. Just my balls lol

kaileylovesyew 4

*I oh I'm sorry! I forgot to capitalize one of the I's

I live in Utah, I better not run into you at the gym.

He mastered the art of not giving a ****.

What a disgusting habit. You deserve the contempt of your peers.

I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth.. >_< grodie. also, yeah, YDI. faith in human kind, -200

WearingHats 14

You don't like the smell of vinegar?

My ex used to do that. Disgusting. There's a reason he's my ex.

Bigdanish9785 3

And why so you snell your balls after scratching them?

To determine whether or not he has to wash them? I don't know. Guys are weird.

I guess OP really likes the smell of balls.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

But OP, if you're in the gym---you know your sack smells like schweddy balls.

Well Their is no valid excuse for that.

glorialaura21 8

"Their is no valid excuse for that." How has no one corrected this comment yet? And it has three thumbs up?! Is this some joke that I haven't gotten yet? Have all the grammar nazi's died? WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON HERE. THERE*

**Well, there is no valid excuse for that.

You should all kill yourselves you ******* grammar nazis lol.

200: "Nazis." MLA = the period goes inside the quotation marks.

RocketNinjaFish 12

237: No, it doesn't. The period marks the end of a sentence, so all parts of the sentence should be enclosed within it. :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

You actually made a habit of smelling your balls? Really?

Oh everyone lighten up! It's guys like OP that keep the world an entertaining place to be. The only harm he's actually doing is to his nose, for the love of God!

He is at the gym. People (hopefully) shower after the gym...

…and every single piece of equipment he uses before he washes his hands. Now that everybody in the gym knows who he is, there's no telling for how long others have had to literally bask in ball sweat. We don't need to lighten up, you need to get a clue. That's just plain sick.

minus20 4

Am I the only one that instantly thought of Harmon

The_Big_Boss 20

Ok I don't think many people make a habit out of it, but I think most of the guys on here have done that at least once...

The_Big_Boss 20

I'll admit, I scratch mine. But smell your hand when you are done? Really? I can go without smelling my own sweat

koolkat27 13

The fact that he did that in public is what worries me.

There was this kid in my high school that used to get a kick out of wiping his ball sweat off other people. Nobody said anything, because he was the biggest kid in class :/

wafflebot .. thanks for sharing *wtf jackie chan*

ahippienamedrae 10

That's why God gave Man knees, to bring down the big guy. If the kid was still too tall, there's always the foot.

jose562 5

It's ok I do that too but I have never got caught doing it in public.

You're getting off to a bad start on here, buddy.

I have heard from a lot of my guy friends that they do that... It's very awkward... I wouldn't do that!

But why would a guy do that..? What's the point in smelling ball sweat?

Tragichero92 12

To verify those balls are his.

usmcheins 1

I hope at least it didn't smell bad

Why comment if you haven't read the post properly?

Yep, I'm sure his ball sweat was piney fresh.

He scratched his balls, of course it's going to smell bad!

Scratch and sniff ;P though I must say that's a bit of an odd habit.

alshygirl 14

Especially at the gym. There's no way working out and sweating helps in the smell department

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'd totally kick him outta my gym. He'd be touching all the barbells and dumbbells with his nasty ball scratching hand...hopefully he washes off his equipment after using it.

There's this old lady in my town and her nickname is actually " scratch and sniff" ... No matter where she is...

As soon as he said "sniffed my hand" I hit 'You Deserve It'...