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  XKXKKXK  |  10

I agree. That IS the point of a FML. To get you to laugh. No point in commenting that then. Might as well go to a restaurant and say "I ate food."
Alright that was a horrendous example. But whatever.

27- That was not a reply. Don't comment jack.

  _Oblivion_  |  12

I love how you have only 39 comments yet you know all the rules to fml. It's not a written rule, plenty of people thread jack and not too many people seem to care.

  Rowdey  |  10

Comment number is pretty irrelevant, though I see your point. Most people make an account far after they start reading FML's. And thread jacking is alright in my book if the comments are funny.

  elliotb94  |  9

My dog does this its hilarious, and people saying it's weird its not its just instinctive. Maybe you could've disguised it as if you were wiping sweat off your upper lip then had a quick wiff?


10) Hey, I cut too!
I just love cutting bitches!
Are you going to end up being one of those bitches?
Cause frankly, your profile pisses me off something fierce.

39) the fact that he misspelled was the joke.

  legitkitty  |  11

21- I find that offensive because I have had exceptional grammar since around age 11-12. And 32, I think that they might just be younger than that. Just my thoughts :p


Ok.Yes, I am a 13 year old girl. I am sorry if I some how offended the stupid Grammar Nazis with the horrible grammar and attrocious spelling in my previous comment (10) and i also appoligize if any of the words in this comment. Is my grammar and everything good enough now?

  glorialaura21  |  8

"Their is no valid excuse for that." How has no one corrected this comment yet? And it has three thumbs up?! Is this some joke that I haven't gotten yet? Have all the grammar nazi's died? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE. THERE*

  zandalee  |  19

Oh everyone lighten up! It's guys like OP that keep the world an entertaining place to be. The only harm he's actually doing is to his nose, for the love of God!


…and every single piece of equipment he uses before he washes his hands. Now that everybody in the gym knows who he is, there's no telling for how long others have had to literally bask in ball sweat.

We don't need to lighten up, you need to get a clue. That's just plain sick.

  WafflebotO_O  |  4

There was this kid in my high school that used to get a kick out of wiping his ball sweat off other people. Nobody said anything, because he was the biggest kid in class :/

By  jose562  |  5

It's ok I do that too but I have never got caught doing it in public.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I'd totally kick him outta my gym. He'd be touching all the barbells and dumbbells with his nasty ball scratching hand...hopefully he washes off his equipment after using it.