By Anonymous - 25/10/2011 18:46 - United States

Today, it was my first day on duty as a rookie cop. Everything was going great, and even the veterans on the force were warming up to me. That is until my mother came into the station carrying a brown bag for my lunch. Written on the bag was, "Lunch for my big boy. I love you, pumpkin." FML
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yadisingh 5

Eat up, big boy :) Haha, but dude, mom's are moms. Atleast yours actually cares about you haha.

Aw, how sweet


FYL OP. Sorry that had to happen.

kingsamuelcdt 0

Gotta love our parents lunches

Atleast it wasn't like resident evil

I hope he doesn't get food in his freshly grown cop stache

I don't understand how parents think that's ever okay?

xXPurpl3Xx 0

Enjoy every moment of it, One day she won't be there any more.

I'm grateful that my mom packs me lunch; it's much better than the shit schools serve nowadays.

Magnificent_Fart 1

True that. By the way, I love Coldplay

Wish my mom brought food to me while I was at work...

SirObvious 1

Relax the throat and cup the balls rookie. Supertroopers

LiveLaughFML 10

your mom is just jealous of your freshly baked cookies :-)

LiveLaughFML 10

Correction: your mom is as just as sweet as the freshly baked cookies she packed for you :-)

This FML brought me to tears, my mom used to do that to me. RIP mom I love you:(

Hey 155, sorry for your loss but total moodkill, thanks!

168 on your mom or dads funeral I will say "sorry for your loss but I just got laid, total moodkill.".

welandedonthemoo 5

Rip to your mom. Hope I never go thru that

OP are you by any chance named Kyle Gass?

KronikSplakkn 4

At least it wasn't your dad.

No more rent checks pumpkin!

Michael_Kelso 0

Good luck living that down. Cops love giving other cops a hard time.

168- how could you be such a jerk??

hawaiianfire 0

YDI for being a cop

Aw, how sweet

thanks for stealing my comment.

Squirrelx 5

14- he stole your comment?

Seriously, I wish my mom would be bring me lunch.

OP, you can bust this guy for theft and possibly plagiarism. ... If not, just plant some drugs on him.

They're just jelly.

nublets 12

Lets just hope OP does'nt end up like KG and bum rent money from her too

Ahhhhh I was waiting for someone to meantion Tenatious D xP

blackheart24 10

14- it sounded better from him

don't worry, the others are probably just jealous lol

202- They're essentially opposite comments. How are they alike?

rudegirlmania 10

Dude...move out

KiddNYC1O 20

Can he move in with you?

.... Maybe his mother just loves him.

rexgar2000 10

**** that she cares about him, but it is a bit embarrassing for him being a cop and then that happened. The guys probably ate him alive with that

Where does it say OP still lives with his mother?

why is everyone thumbing down ^? ...It's true.

Decapitation 3

It doesn't says he lives with his mom people! Come on, he probably told his mom about the job and she got exited and brought him a lunch.

hey, we all have our down moments.

Confuciussay 6

182 - Your beret looks like crap now beat your face private.

182 do you live in Jackson CA ?

quite aware its screwed up. the guy at the issue station swore it was you can see its not, and that pic was taken while i was still in basic so i couldnt get a new one.

yadisingh 5

Eat up, big boy :) Haha, but dude, mom's are moms. Atleast yours actually cares about you haha.

I know it may have been a little embarrassing, but in all honesty, he is blessed to have a mother who cares for him as much she does.

My thoughts exactly. :)

You spelled moms wrong and then right.. Bipolar?

Bro I wish my mom cared less about me.

I wish I had a mom. Haha...ha...ha. I hate my life

pepelittle9 0

150- I agree with u there

Alexisthebestest 16

I'm still waiting for the day my mom starts writing "love you babyduck" on napkins for me again.


squirt07 0

Yess agree

TunechiXXL 0

Heybuddy you are gorgeous!!! Love your blonde hair ;)

txgirl09 5

Aww. I'm 25 and my mom still calls me her 'baby-girly' and says i'm 'going off to big girl school' (i'm in grad school). I never tell her to stop because I know one day she won't be around to love and fuss over me and that i'd do anything to hear her say those silly things again.

txgirl09 5

Aww. Agreed. I'm 25 and I still don't tell my mom to stop calling me 'baby- girly'. I know one day she won't be around to say those silly things she says and that i'd do anything to hear it again.

Yea, it's weird, but she's your mother, a caring one at that. Just give her a hug and a peck on the cheek and be on your way!

This is Halloween. Jut blow it off and write pie on the end and make your mom sound crazy.

Apple pie is better

Your friends are just jealous that you got Lunchables

alex6946 10

Lunchables are so badass!

Brice28_fml 10

I wish they would supersize lunchables

I would love if my mom did that for me specifically if it was a lunchable

Bet everyone was Soooo jealous after that..

Like your jealous of 7s comment

Dude chill they were seconds apart don't blame her. God

Exactly, obviously I didn't see 7's comment when I was posting?

CadillacPimpen 6

91 you referring to muphry's law. the funny thing is you further proved it's existence...

97- MURPHY'S Law strikes again. Though I'm not sure that law is applicable here. Could be. I don't think so though.

32 you're jealous because you couldn't think of it

No, he meant Muphry's law. It's a trope. Look it up.

clsgators 5

Just give her a weird look, like you have never met her in your life

Your picture is just as bad as your comment.

_toronto_chick_ 0

It's a bit too late for that...

saralove420 0

You're a dick.

GVirdi 11

Spongebob probably gets more action than you

Love you to!!

TruexSniper 0

Sorry to be a grammer nazi but its "too" not "to"

KiddNYC1O 20

Grammer?? Hahahahahaha. Grammar*

85, you win the internet

KiddNYC1O 20

Well, I owe it to #28.

111: You mean wannabe Grammar Nazi. You can't call yourself a Grammar Nazi if you can't even spell the word grammar.