By Username - 01/07/2010 04:55 - France

Today, I found out that while getting your hair cut, you should say 'yes' or 'no', instead of nodding your head. FML
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I have honestly gone my whole life thinking this was a given.


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ohhh wow you just realized that... it's obviously common sense

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who cares about this FML, I'm horny

Ha I always go bald! But I shave my head at home with those WAHL clippers thing. It saves money

Also, how do you put a picture up to go with your name?

#22 The only way you can get a picture up by your name is by going on the actual website via a computer, clicking "edit" on the right hand side, and uploading a picture from there.

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wait but I do this when I get my hair cut...?

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agree with 10. **** or gtfo. J/k. But fyl for having bad breath OP, that's the only reason I can think of that you wouldn't just say yes or no instead of head movements. Or you're lazy, so fyl for being fat/lazy

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in soviet Russia, the barbers are shitty anyway.

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in Soviet Russia, hair cut you!

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I'm surprised you were smart enough to type this fml, OP. (:

39 my hair actualy does cut me it "grew up" in a bad neighborhood!

just go bald since ur obviously too stupid to not make mistakes while just SITTING THERE getting ur hair cut

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lol @ Luis , he seems like a perv

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omg roxxy ur smokin hotttt

DARWIN AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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well seems kinda obvious but I guess you learned the hard way... guess it's hard to remember nodding would be bad

I have to make an effort to say 'yes' without nodding at the same time. It's hard.

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some habits... are hard to break.

you've got to be really dumb.. it's common sense! jeeeeeeeze..

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OP is retarded. I wonder how his/her dentist visits go. Of which, I always hated how dentists will try to talk to you when they have like three tools and half their hand inside your mouth, and you're sitting there wondering how they expect you to be able to reply.

YES! And they're always asking all kinds of questions that you simply cannot answer without talking for a full minute!

I am actually a dentist and we do so because the reaction is simply funny. but I do have the courtesy to take the tools out of their mouth for them to answer.

damn. that's gonna scare me since I'm gonna go to get my hair cut by myself for the first time. although it doesn't matter. but she could still talk to me. they usually don't.

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@16: That is the best username of all time.

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Uhhhh Duuuhhhhh!!! YDI Op, you need to learn to use your words if your going to make it out in that big bad world.