By eat my fucking ass, boss - 06/12/2013 23:37 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, a customer threatened to come back later and shoot the whole place up. Why? I didn't give him a discount on his beer. My boss's reaction when I called the police: "Why didn't you give him the discount?!" Last week he bitched me out for letting a girl off for being a few cents short on hers. FML
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Sorry for your shitty boss OP. You should definitely look for another job, or refer him to upper management. Besides it's not like you knew how the guy would react.


Sorry for your shitty boss OP. You should definitely look for another job, or refer him to upper management. Besides it's not like you knew how the guy would react.

31- Not as far a round from a firearm. :p You just can't win with an employer like that. :p

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3 cents is a little far I guess..but I can understand why the boss may have a different attitude after a guy threatens all your lives.

If you're life has gotten to the point that you worry about three cents, I suggest reevaluating it.

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I can only wonder what would've happened if this occurred in Ireland...

I get what your boss is talking about. If a person actually threatens to shoot the place up you should've just given him a discount and talked to police after, regardless of 3 girls just bitching at you last week.

Reference to #2 "I don't always confuse the money in my register, but when I do, I say "hello ladies"

Man, iknowiwantyou has had a bad week, haven't you. Most of your comments have been downvoted.

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Just because someone becomes unnecessarily irate doesn't mean that they should be given a discount, otherwise everyone would threaten to shoot up the place to get what they want. Rules are rules for a reason!

30 your little prepubescent tween self is trying to keep tabs on me? Don't humour me too much. Does mommy know you're up this late? It's surely past your bedtime.

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damned If you do and damned if you don't. maybe its time for a new job op.

Actually it's time he called human resources. You can't let bitchy managers get away with their shit.

It sounds like a bar, I doubt they really have HR. The manager probably owns the place.

Way to go on replying to the wrong comment.

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I think the more appropriate saying is damned if you do damned if you don't...

This is a poor person excuse. Higher up people usually have college degrees so no they don't have lower IQ.

Sounds like an idiot trying to justify his low wage to me... all of my bosses are really sharp dudes. God knows none of these giant business tycoons are stupid... get over it.

Your boss sounds like he has a bipolar disorder.

I don't think you fully understand what being Bipolar means. I would suggest researching it.

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That, or he's just an asshole

I say you have a relative come in and purchase a whole bunch of crap and give him a huge discount. The biggest possible and when your boss screams at you again just quit.

This where the actual fun is. I wouldn't quit. I would just **** him up somehow. by reporting or making him fall for something actually stupid. *EvilGrin*

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Report him to who? this sounds like a bar or club, normally the 'boss' is the owner in establishments like that. HR type situations only occur in large businesses. Don't think OP has to many places to turn in this case.

I work sales and I know exactly how you feel. tough luck.

ea, just wait a couple of years. It gets better :)