By retail can shart a cock - 09/01/2016 05:25 - United States

Today, a customer's credit card was declined. His totally reasonable reaction was to threaten to put a bullet in the back of my head. FML
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I hope you have security in your store! There is absolutely no need to receive that level of harassment, I hope they were told to leave immediately.

It's more than harassment , it's a direct threat and I hope they bannish that customer forever. As someone who works in retail P/T , I would take this very seriously . That really sucks , OP !

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Just don't turn your back to him. He won't know what to do.

He is gonna bite the bullet.. I guess...

Ah the joys of working! Tell this to whoever created "the customer is always right"

probably the customer. in my experience 9/10 they are wrong. I used to be a server and wrote down every order and repeated it back. they got their food telling me it was wrong. I showed them where their order was and they still argued with me. ******* idiots!

I can only imagine how he talks to the credit card company employees -__-

I used to work in customer service and I once heard someone say that they would hunt me down and kill me

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I had a lady tell me to go die once. She was banned from the store