When you lie on your resume to get the job

By Anonymous - 27/07/2018 01:30

Today, my boyfriend and I are devastated to return our newly adopted "cat friendly" dog to the shelter. He's perfect other than the fact that he clearly wants to eat our cats. FML
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Come on, his description clearly said "Eats everything and is especially fond of cats."

ChromoTec 24

It's all fun and games until you realize your cat's missing


ChromoTec 24

It's all fun and games until you realize your cat's missing

Come on, his description clearly said "Eats everything and is especially fond of cats."

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Your parents should just return you since you clearly turned into a failure.

You don’t need to go through such lengths. Describe your dog in a Craigslist ad. If you word it correctly, you’ll have lonely, single women lining up around the block to take your dog or, at least, borrow him for a half-hour or so, if you know what I mean ;)

I don't. Spell it out for me.

smaldridge 12

the dog is trying to eat their cats. in the ad the dog likes to eat pussy. that was my take away anyway.

smaldridge 12

the dog likes eating pussy......cats.

Here fluffy fluffy honey where's the cat (dog burp's up a tail while looking innocent)😂🤣

Oh no! Are the poor kitties ok? I really hope they are... There should be rules and regulations against shelters lying to get the animals out of there. I'd be devastated if something happened to one of my babies. A former roommate and I took in one of her mom's cats after she moved and forgot it (she had like 7 cats and 5 dogs. This one didn't make it into the car). I came home one day and my kitten had a nasty cut on its face. He was extremely tiny and only about 5 months old (even at 4 years old he's still only 7 pounds of fur and bone). I made her find someone else to watch the cat until her mom could get it.

In general, dogs are friendly to cats they know, especially if they have been around cats before, but put them in a room with a unknown cat without giving them a chance to warm up to each other in not a good idea.

I’m gonna share my experience in rescue work with large and giant breed dogs. There are three types of dogs wrt cats. No goes which are usual obvious instantly, dogs savvy cats and good with all. I’ve fostered all three and so far none of my fosters got moved due to cat issues. There are some dogs that just want to murder anything. Some breeds more than others but I found a cat friendly husky so weird stuff happens. Some dogs will chase anything fleeing (why you never run from a dog) and may kill it intentional or by accident. My small dog is 90lbs so a playful paw slap can cripple or kill a 10 lbs cat. Then there are those dogs that see food only in a can or bag. My saint and Pyr are the last one. Shelters can test dogs only so much and the dogs personality WILL after they get comfortable. Best a shelter can do is walk the dog through the cat area. Due to the mix of cats you will only determine cat killers or not cat killers. The latter two will be the same. So introduce your new friend to your current ones with caution. Now about dog bite.org: Fuck the whole organization with a telephone pole coated with glue and broken glass. I’ve had to do quite a few emergency pull because of them. Thanks to their BSL perfectly lovable dogs die. My Caucasian Mountain dog had three days and was on the do not adopt list due to that gutter born cum dumpster. He’s a fantastic dog that is highly protective of women and loved by everyone that meets him. P.S. Are there dogs that are not safe to be adopted? Yes and there should be better standards for determining what this are. If the dog is dangerous I completely understand them being put down. However doing so because of how the dog looks is a fucking atrocity. No not a crime against humanity but an atrocity none the less.

Did you introduce them properly? It can take a long time (up to several months) for animals to get used to each other. When we got our puppy a couple months ago he and my cat didn’t meet face to face for about a week. We set the cat up in a separate room with food, litter, etc. every day we would switch them around so they could smell each other. Then we worked up to them meeting with him on the leash for a while, and then just leaving a baby gate up for a while so they could see each other and the cat has a safe place to get away from him. It takes time to get them to a point where they are good, you have to be patient and do it correctly.