By samaris - 08/07/2016 21:19

Today, 5 months after doing a shoot for a stock photo site, someone finally used one of my photos. In an article about meth abuse. FML
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Yay! People are finding and using your site! Think positive. Better than no views at all.


Yay! People are finding and using your site! Think positive. Better than no views at all.

Also it could be a before and after-type photo. You might be on the before side, highlighting what people could lose.

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Kinda wondering what OP was taking pictures of that could be used alongside an article about crystal meth...

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People buy the rights to them, get them without the watermark and use them for ads and billboards

Is this a serious question? Every ad agency (like 6 said), journalistic outlets, and thousands (if not millions) of other sites use them, and I'm not saying this because I happen to be a stock photographer. There are many kinds of stock photos. If people never had need of stock photos, there would be no profit in being a stock photographer.

There are LOADS of stories about meth every day. If you manage to get famous for posing for meth pictures, there should be some serious money.

lexiieeex3 32

Isn't that a violation of intellectual property?

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You don't really get what stock photography is, do you?

A stock photographer takes photos of things and uploads them to stock sites like Getty (and its subsidiary, iStock) and Bigstock. Simply put, if a photographer takes an image of a recognizable person, a model release must be signed by that person. If a brand appears in a photo, a property release is required. The same goes for certain major landmarks or monuments. If neither can be obtained, it is for editorial use only. OP most likely signed a model release.

As long as it wasn't being used as the "after" photo...

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That's not exactly what you would have had in mind but ok...

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If it's for one of those before/after ads, then let's hope you're before.