By Anonymous - 26/4/2020 02:00

Alexa, play "Hey! Student" by The Fall

Today, one of my UNIVERSITY students submitted an incomplete assignment file to the online learning platform. I emailed him, "You will need to send me the correct file via email, as the system does not accept resubmissions." I literally got as a reply, "So, what do I need to do?" Online teaching is hell. FML
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By  spinspinsugar  |  10

a part of my job is sending paperwork and getting back signed by the customer I sent it to. it can be hell trying to get it back from elderly people who aren't tech savvy. I know it's hard, and i know where you're coming from, but you gotta be patient. it's gonna suck, but in the end you'll get what you need to get.

  rotflqtms_  |  18

For my mom, I typed up and printed out a step by step process to attaching a file to an email, and to scanning documents to the computer. I taped them to her wall, and whenever she asked me to do those things, I directed her to the printouts and she has been doing it herself ever since. I don't feel worried now that she won't be able to do it even though I'm so far away... and if all else fails, I can take remote control of her PC to do some print up a new set of instructions for something I forgot to explain, Haha.
But I make my instructions in a way that she has no room for error. I do each and every step because you don't know what they will forget. I even went as far as to tell her to open up the internet and sign into her email before telling her to hit compose etc because I knew if I told her to go to her email, she'd put thw user ID part of her email address into the search bar...not even the part, lol... but I've been working on it with her, so she knows her full email address now. And she knows how to get into her email on the computer now and how to access her emails. (the phone is easier)