By Anonymous

Light day

Today, on my 16th birthday, my lightly worn jeans split while I was at school. I attempted to fix them with staples, but I have a metal allergy. So I took my driving exam with a rash on my butt and staples digging in, in a car that had no AC. FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Grab a teacher, and ask if they can get hold of a sewing kit? Or you could have asked to raid the lost and found. I'm assuming your parent/s/guardian/s were too busy to drop off a different pair between your classes.

By  Silverion Sairee  |  14

Does your highschool not have a sewing class? or home ec, or fashion studies, whatever the class is called where you're at they should have sewing machines or needle & thread you could borrow.