By thanksfyi - 02/07/2011 21:51 - Norway

Today, I found out via Facebook that my brother got engaged several days ago. Not only did he not tell me, but we live in the same house. FML
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KingGeorgeGal 12

Facebook - bringing families together a day at a time.

PSQ91 6

Well it's not official till it's on facebbok, duh!


fluffeebawlz 0

ouch damn fyl

Volcano47 0

really first comment and you put that

and you wondered who the guy who was always walking around your house naked was? I guess your brother figured you knew from the moaning noises every night. silly!

I think I know how this went down. Bro: Hey sis, I'm getting married. Sis: Can't talk. On Facebook. Bro: But... Sis: What part of shutup do you not understand? Bro: But it's important! Sis: Read my lips. (Get the fuck out) Bro: (Goes on Facebook) That bitch.

Lexi_Ray 5

LOL that me me laugh

yummycupkake 0

at least he didn't invite you via facebook to the wedding! :)

asoptavlo14 6

I doubt it was real if you didn't know. people get married to each other all the time and engaged when they don't mean it, just for fun.

sexyredlipsdude 5

lol nice one

Yes. Because it would be a sin to be rational and fuck while you're single. but thanks for reminding us people marry all the time "for fun.". That maKes it much easier to bust a nut without "sin " and it's all for fun.

I have a friend on Facebook whose status says ""Suicidal - Standing on the edge of a cliff"". So I poked him ;)

IphonFML 6

15, ORRR "brother has changed his relationship status from 'single' to 'engaged' ". whatever the brothers name is lol

iSitt 0

mail order foreign bride?

KingGeorgeGal 12

Facebook - bringing families together a day at a time.

Lol. It seems like this kind of thing happens a lot

I like your comments lol they're hilarious

KingGeorgeGal 12

Thanks (:

ImaWiseGuy 5


holy shit king george girl i live in cb.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Well.. That's .. uh interesting .(:

KingGeorgeGal 12

I love your name ^^^(:

your beautiful! just to tell ya :)

Thats mean, don't tell him when your boyfriend moves in.

Really first reply and you put that

sorry wrong comment

KingGeorgeGal 12

Yea, she can just make it her facebook status (;

PSQ91 6

Well it's not official till it's on facebbok, duh!

Haha you are so right :p

don't underestimate the validity of something being "Facebook official"


its cuz u didnt make him a friggin sammich when he askd for one

flockz 19

u should get hungover at yell at his fiance's cereal.

I just added his fiancés cereal on facebook, his most recent status is: "some drunk idiot just yelled at me and then ate half of my fruit loops.. fml"

^^^ lmao right there

SorrowFull 8

it happens, if you don't get invited to the wedding then start worrying too

DaangItsBrooke 8

sounds like you too are very close...

GirlGoneBad123 0

ur very pretty :) btw I'm a girl so don't think it that way … ok bye

nice pic. that beta kicked ass.

nessaspissed 0

sad,your brothers closer to his fb than he is to you...:/lmao sad what this world is coming to..

Cryingraven 1

you should spam his wall for that!