By thanksfyi - 02/07/2011 21:51 - Norway

Today, I found out via Facebook that my brother got engaged several days ago. Not only did he not tell me, but we live in the same house. FML
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KingGeorgeGal 12

Facebook - bringing families together a day at a time.

PSQ91 6

Well it's not official till it's on facebbok, duh!


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really first comment and you put that

and you wondered who the guy who was always walking around your house naked was? I guess your brother figured you knew from the moaning noises every night. silly!

I think I know how this went down. Bro: Hey sis, I'm getting married. Sis: Can't talk. On Facebook. Bro: But... Sis: What part of shutup do you not understand? Bro: But it's important! Sis: Read my lips. (Get the **** out) Bro: (Goes on Facebook) That bitch.

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at least he didn't invite you via facebook to the wedding! :)

asoptavlo14 6

I doubt it was real if you didn't know. people get married to each other all the time and engaged when they don't mean it, just for fun.

sexyredlipsdude 5

Yes. Because it would be a sin to be rational and **** while you're single. but thanks for reminding us people marry all the time "for fun.". That maKes it much easier to bust a nut without "sin " and it's all for fun.

I have a friend on Facebook whose status says ""Suicidal - Standing on the edge of a cliff"". So I poked him ;)

IphonFML 6

15, ORRR "brother has changed his relationship status from 'single' to 'engaged' ". whatever the brothers name is lol

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mail order foreign bride?

KingGeorgeGal 12

Facebook - bringing families together a day at a time.

Thats mean, don't tell him when your boyfriend moves in.

Really first reply and you put that

KingGeorgeGal 12

Yea, she can just make it her facebook status (;

PSQ91 6

Well it's not official till it's on facebbok, duh!

don't underestimate the validity of something being "Facebook official"


its cuz u didnt make him a friggin sammich when he askd for one

flockz 19

u should get hungover at yell at his fiance's cereal.

I just added his fiancés cereal on facebook, his most recent status is: "some drunk idiot just yelled at me and then ate half of my fruit loops.. fml"

SorrowFull 8

it happens, if you don't get invited to the wedding then start worrying too

DaangItsBrooke 8

sounds like you too are very close...

GirlGoneBad123 0

ur very pretty :) btw I'm a girl so don't think it that way … ok bye

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sad,your brothers closer to his fb than he is to you...:/lmao sad what this world is coming to..

Cryingraven 1

you should spam his wall for that!