By Shawn Bennight - 10/6/2020 08:07

Alexa, play "I Won't Share You" by The Smiths

  Today, my wife of 23 years said she wanted a divorce, that she didn't love me anymore and is moving out. Why? I told her I didn't want us to date and have sex with other people. FML
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  JasonThorn  |  18

Jeff Foxworthy once observed that "if she says she wants to see other people, it's a good chance she has already spotted a prospect and pulled it out of the herd."

By  J15237  |  21

If you are having that type of conversation and argument then yes it is definitely time to end your marriage. That is truly sad considering how many years you were together, but i would leave before you caught her. Especially with another guys dick in her mouth or something.