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Today, I'm a police officer who had the honor of arresting my girlfriend of 3 months for prostitution. All of my coworkers at the station know her and won't stop giving me judging looks. FML
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I hope they're not asking how much she charges too. They might expect a discount.

It must have been whoreifying for OP.

I bet OP's girlfriend would be reeling those cops in, hooker line and sinker.

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hmmph. don't worry about them giving you looks. you're doing your job and at least you know your girlfriend was unfaithful.

That's why most of us refrain from looking at it whilst commenting.

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or eating, or having sex, or any other activity

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Why would someone get on FML during sex...

Exactly, they should be judging the girlfriend not the guy from doing his job no matter the circumstances.

At least he doesn't have to do research to see if she's cheating....I'm sorry OP, I bet that's a horrible thing to know she's sleeping with other guys. I'm glad you got rid of her, you deserve better!!

Read OP's user name ;-). At least he dumped her right away and found out after only 3 months of dating, instead of 3 years. No matter what, that has to be one of the worst ways to find out your significant other is being unfaithful.

That pun stopped being funny at take #347

After dumping her I hope OP had himself checked for STDs

Maybe #33 read it as "whorst ways"?.. Idk ***** else he could have possibly seen a pun here..

I think #33 was talking about the whole "you mean ex girlfriend, right? " thing. Granted, it isn't a pun but it's still definitely overused on FMLs of this nature.

I'm surprised your bits and pieces don't look like they've been hit by chemical weapons! Do they?....

Did you not know she was a prostitute before she became your girlfriend? Or is this type of situation how the both of you met?

How I Met Your Mother is a tv series. He was making a reference.

I understand it's a TV show. And they have several prostitute jokes throughout the series. Didn't understand the referenced question.

In all honesty he probably didn't know. There was an old publication that was titled SPREAD. It was a magazine specifically written for and by people in the sex industry. In short it was always advised that the sex worker either stay single or not disclose their occupation to their significant other.

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Why do people judge someone for another's actions? Op obviously did not know about his gf's double life. The people at his work suck, they should be comforting op, not ridiculing him like he's her pimp.

I'm sorry OP, that was probably one of the lowest points of your career not to mention relationship. It makes me wonder what all those looking and judging would have done had they been in a similar predicament.

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You didn't know about that side of her and one should wonder how they all knew her?

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It was only 3 months, its not like she'd tell him about it when they first meet. They probably still lived separately, so it would be an easy secret for her to keep (until she got arrested of course). As for them knowing, he probably introduced them at some point. Or maybe they used her services, who knows.

As much as this sucks obviously, be glad that it was only 3 months and not 3 years or something.