By madbabynoel - 25/03/2016 15:06 - United States - Clovis

Today, my only friend got banned from my house, all because she kissed her boyfriend in front of me. I'm 16, but apparently I can't handle seeing a kiss. FML
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damn, how strict are your parents!? FYL op that sucks


damn, how strict are your parents!? FYL op that sucks

I'm just going to assume the usual overprotective dad scenario here. That sucks, I hope you can make them (your parents) see their mistake. I also hope you make more friends. :)

That sucks, OP. Maybe you should as your parents to stop treating you like a kid?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Yeah, because when your parents are that strict, asking them to chill out will totally work.

I speak from experience, asking crazy strict parents to chill out makes them even crazier

hmm... Maybe get your parents more hobbies and get them to loosen up a little bit. Worked for my friend's strict parents

Guess you can kiss that friendship goodbye. Ok that was , even by my standards .

... So do OP's parents never show affection towards each other in front of them? Because that sounds like an unhealthy way to raise a kid.

christge1beast 17

My parents are like that. They never show affection, not even a hug or nice words. You'd think my family is all roommates based on how they act...

Get a boyfriend and start kissing them. Actually, don't. Your parents might disown you.

More like never let them leave the house or talk to another person ever again...

DeadxManxWalking 27

kissed outside of wedlock did she?

UserError94 18

She never kisses your dad in front of you? You should have a talk with your mom about what you believe and your own morals. She might just be scared you're growing up