By jfc, how just how - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes
Today, my brother broke his mountain bike, so he stole mine, and managed to break it as well. Then he made some kind of franken-bike out of parts from both, and messed that one up too. FML
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By  olpally  |  32

What an idiot. How do you break 2 mountain bikes? Then try to make it work by putting the two broken ones together? What a fucking moron your brother is.

  olpally  |  32

Chances are the bikes weren't the same make or model though, regardless if they were good parts he tried to put together. Two wrongs don't always make a right.

  olpally  |  32

The fact he messed up the new one he made out of the two broken ones, makes me believe they aren't similar bikes otherwise the new bike would've worked with the broken parts. Ehh. I could see that happening. But I doubt it.

  Soloman212  |  28

26, if he could break the two separate bikes while they had correct parts, I wouldn't be surprised by him breaking a bike made by him out of matching parts...

  potatomanjr  |  16

You can use any component off any mountain bike to put it on another mountain bike. You can not mix and match road bike parts and mountain bike parts. My team mate today broke a derailure, then jammed up a chain on a back up bike they had. Bikes break often, they are simple to repair, but you would be surprised at how much they cost to repair.