By jfc, how just how - 19/05/2013 19:56 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, my brother broke his mountain bike, so he stole mine, and managed to break it as well. Then he made some kind of franken-bike out of parts from both, and messed that one up too. FML
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Brother of the year!

It's a sign that you both should take up jogging.


Brother of the year!

Leonardo Da Vinci, we have a problem.

At least he felt bad enough that he tried to built you a new bike.

2, if he felt so bad, he wouldn'ta taken the parts to build a new one, nor ride it in the same careless manner as before.

Why so many down votes for 3? He is correct.

Darn tooting I'm correct. Thanks for supporting the grammar Nazi cause. I hope you will be attending our bimonthly meeting later this week.

why does this have so many negative votes???

Steal his money so you can buy a new mountainbike.

So put a good lock on it.

It's a sign that you both should take up jogging.

Then he might steal his leg!

He can be a mechanic but don't let him drive any cars

If this was within the period of one day, I think there should be an award for this.

I am torn between thinking this kid is a complete genius or a complete dumbass.

Same problem 36. But I think 49 has our problem solved

Your brother should probably look into another hobby... Bike riding just isn't working out!

You should probably keep him away from bikes from now on..

What an idiot. How do you break 2 mountain bikes? Then try to make it work by putting the two broken ones together? What a fucking moron your brother is.

Maybe there were different parts broken so he used the good parts to make a new bike.

Chances are the bikes weren't the same make or model though, regardless if they were good parts he tried to put together. Two wrongs don't always make a right.

22, how do you know the parents didn't get them two similar bikes for Christmas one year?

The fact he messed up the new one he made out of the two broken ones, makes me believe they aren't similar bikes otherwise the new bike would've worked with the broken parts. Ehh. I could see that happening. But I doubt it.

26, if he could break the two separate bikes while they had correct parts, I wouldn't be surprised by him breaking a bike made by him out of matching parts...

You can use any component off any mountain bike to put it on another mountain bike. You can not mix and match road bike parts and mountain bike parts. My team mate today broke a derailure, then jammed up a chain on a back up bike they had. Bikes break often, they are simple to repair, but you would be surprised at how much they cost to repair.

'Tis right, 39.

Demand payment for your broken bike doesnt matter if hes your brother he broke your bike he has to pay