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Today, my wife came back from her camping trip with her friends. I decided to help her out by unpacking her stuff while she used the bathroom. It's funny; I never knew that a dildo, a ball gag and an open pack of condoms were considered camping gear. FML
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The true survival kit. The ***** can be used as a grappling hook, the ball gag as a simple weapon, and the condoms to carry water.

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Sorry you had to find out that way...


The true survival kit. The ***** can be used as a grappling hook, the ball gag as a simple weapon, and the condoms to carry water.

I'm even willing to bet that the condoms were merely used as waterproof socks. It probably rained a lot.

Sootch has a video on YouTube of ways to use a condom to survive.

condoms are great for stopping blisters when you wear boots.

Ahaha! That is thinking outside the box. This reply absolutely deserves a 'thumbs up!'. :)

Transparent condoms when filled with water can actually be used as a lens to make a fire, too.

Condoms can also make decent fire starters apparently

Trinidad727 9

Sorry you had to find out that way...

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In a way it's good she knows that her wife is a scumbag now and she can divorce and move on that much quicker.

granted yea she prob was cheating but you never know for sure many the condoms where for the ***** it they shared it

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The username is pink (on the mobile site) which means Op is a girl. So yes.

Well, at least you won't be with a cheating, lying, asshole for the rest of your life, and blind to it.

Yea OP, and think about it this way, you guys could have some crazy divorce sex

Yeah OP, you don't need to worry about wives that aren't lesbian and fake it. (pretty sure that OP put the wrong gender)

127- What makes you think OP put the wrong gender?

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Because what would a lesbian need condoms for?

146- Some people put condoms on their ****** for sanitation reasons; and bisexuals also exist. Just because someone is in a relationship with a woman, that doesn't mean they're exclusively into women.

The give away is she said camping with friends. I would assume female friends. I have never met a group of girls that go camping. However they my exist some where.

Lesbians. Lesbians everywhere. Stereotype, I know. But as a fellow lesbian, I cannot deny that there is some truth to that one. Every rule has its exceptions, I know.

I've been camping with friends just about every year since we were in college together I dont think women camping is unusual, especially if you live in the country or your friends are sporty.

@20. The wording of the FML says "my wife". I made an assumption.

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You know what they say about making assumptions... you make and ass out of you and umptions.

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Females can go camping too.. I go all the time with my friends! You make it seems like it never happens, but I know tons of girls that camp as well.

There's this international organization called a venturing crew. It's part of Boy Scouts but co-Ed. A lot are all girl crews. I've gone on 95 mile backpacking trips and camp at least once a month, including 30 degree below freezing weather. So yeah, girls camp!

Squeepy 19

I just went camping with a group of all girls last weekend. It's not as uncommon as you'd think. Sometimes we enjoy getting away from it all :)

I know plenty of women who go camping. And get this, they don't even a man to help the set up camp and start a fire. Shocking isn't it?!?!

Is that what the ***** is for? To rub it together with a stick and start a fire?

To the above saying girls go camping all the time, blah blah blah. Yes. We women do go camping. women camp all the time... But, at least in my experience, lesbian or not, it is very rare that a group of women go camping without men, straight or gay, around. I think that is what the original commenter is trying to say. You just don't really see all female camp groups.

I like how everyone is having a nice conversation in this thread and then there is comment #80 that has to be irrational and rude.

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@112 I lol'd at your comment. Sarcasm is definitely best when mixed with the truth. :)

Aaaand now you know how lesbians work, #20!

You obviously don't know a lot of women.

Who doesn't bring that stuff? Sorry OP that sucks.

It's possible for the OPs wife to be bisexual. Also, technically the authorized "safe practice" would be to still use condoms on sex toys, particularly shared ones. Not that anyone does. But you're supposed to.

Sorry OP :( I hope it works out for you for the best, you probably don't deserve that!

probably? nobody deserves to be cheated on!

leogachi 15

I'm not trying to say that Op would do something like this, but my sister's ex tried to prostitute her for drug money. So yeah, some people deserve to be cheated on. Right before you break up with them.

@124 Oh my God that sounds horrible! I hope u guys took appropriate action against him. kicked his ass for starters.

Not saying OP is, but some people really are assholes, which is why I threw in the probably :)

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Kamp Kink: where all the Kool Kids Kum.

I bet that's the last time you offer to unpack for her.

have a feeling that op had a feeling something wasn't right and was probably snooping. She just probably didn't want to be judged for saying so.

Because that's far less farfetched than them just trying to be helpful.

yikes. time to have a chat and move on with your life.

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If your wife was getting it on with her friends, the condom may have only been to wrap the *****, if they were sharing.

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Well she is a lesbian - given that OP is a female and said "my wife"

this is probably a stupid question but how do you know that OP is a female

There's a gender icon in the corner

On my cell the women profile pics are outlined in pink, and the men are outlined in blue.

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OhMyGod. I didn't notice that until you said it. Thank you.

Which would still be cheating on your husband, to be getting it on with your friends.