By SirSteamLocomotive - 24/8/2021 22:00

Bourbon voyage

Today, I'd been saving for months to go on a whiskey tour of Kentucky. Eight distilleries. My wife signed up for an online university. The tuition is covered. But, do you know what isn't covered? The books. The laptop. Getting internet for the house. Goodbye whiskey; hello university. FML
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I work 62 hours a week. My only day off is Sunday. My wages cover everything from food, rent, utilities, everything.
As our cell phones have data, internet was an unnecessary bill. Considering, the cell phone bill is $200 a month. However, the data is not sufficient for online school or a laptop.

By  jobekka  |  18

you can get a used computer, find the books online for free and Internet.. well you kinda needed that anyway right? find a way to make it work, and have enough for your trip.

By  Yummi_913  |  18

You should probably double check about that. Most online universities actually supply you with a laptop. Maybe she doesn't know about that the same way she didn't know she had to pay for her own books?

By  sirsquigglez  |  3

I'll prob be considered a asshole for this but. umm why is that coming out of your trip money. she wanted to go to school so it's kinda her place to figure out the money for that stuff. like I get it. your money is hers and vise versa. but like still she can't just decide on something and then you have to pay for it..

By  mackdeezy  |  21

I'm gonna go against the grain here, especially as I don't have enough information to judge. Did either of you know of the other's plans in advance? If yes, it's really unfortunate and commendable if you wanna support your wife, but ultimately, I dont have enough information as to wether she needs you to chip in. However, if she sprung that on you out of nowhere, that's rather alarming as proper communication didnt take place. That also goes for you too... if you were keeping your own piggy bank and she didn't know you had plans, then you're kind if stuck there, bud. That also begs the question if she planned in advance. We know you did, but thats the thing, so far we only know your side. Decent internet plans are cheap, gonna have to go with everyone here who said you should have it, as depending on how things are virus-wise, she may not have access to a public library. If you knew she was going to school and then she later did the math and found out she doesnt have enough to cover the supplies, you mentioned, ideally, I'd say you'd be doing good to honor your wife by supporting her, but ultimately, I just dont know what the deal is here.

By  EBrogen  |  12

Those forever students never learn and in 4 years it'll be another school for something else. Take the trip and let her know to figure something out.