By Anonymous - 24/09/2010 04:53 - Canada

Today, I finally got everything in order to ask out the girl of my dreams. I bought her a gold necklace, engraved with our names, and with the date on the back. Everything was going great until she got sick and had to go home. Now I'm stuck with this necklace with the wrong date. FML
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You bought a necklace and engraved it... FOR A DATE? How needy are you? Geez.. desperation obviously has a price... the price of a necklace.

Pool that necklace. For like... a year. Then if you are still together, maybe it won't scare her away. Judging from what you wrote its the first date... you would freak her out with a gift like that on first date. Freak her straight out of your life forever.


Tbh, if she likes you as well then I'm sure she'll find it funny :P

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she will probably find it creepy. that's way too much for just askin someone out

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Hell yeah, I definitly agree with 21. That's too much for something like asking someone out. In a way, you kind of deserve it, OP.

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Dude, WAY too much, WAY too soon. YDI for being creepy.

Who buys a golden necklace for a FIRST date???


YDI that's like trying to say u want to hav sex on the first date.

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and another woman is saved from ending up being played in an episode of law and order svu. dude sounds like the by-the-book creeper. dare 2 will be the wedding ring and the loss of ever leaving him shy of being in a bodybag

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Yea dude, too much. But look at it this way: if you date her for a month or two, give her the necklace with the "first date" date, she'll think it's sweet. You actually lucked out. If you gave her that on the first date she'd be freaked the **** out.

WTF YOU TAKE THINGS TOO FAR, OP! Chill the **** down. It's just a date.

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she probably realized what you were up to and you freaked her out so she played sick to get away from you.. aiyiyi...

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fuggin creepin on dat chick dude I'd get a freakin restrainin order

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why would you buy a necklace on the first date? you should at least wait until you know your going to to go to that extent.

i think this is sweet. altjhough i would presume he already knew this girl

plus it sounds like he is asking her to be his girlfriend. maybe they have been friends for ages.

How does OP know that this girl is the 'girl of his dreams'?

She wasn't sick, she got the creepy vibe from you and left. An engraved necklace is barely appropriate for 3-6 months, nevermind the FIRST DATE.

#139/5t3ff1k4h - my guess is that it's because OP is 12 years old and has no clue.

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OK people, time to point something out. Asking someone out does not mean a first date in this situation. In this FML, asking someone out means "asking someone if they will be my girlfriend." OP and the girl were not on a first date. In all likelihood, they have known each other for a while and had gone on at least a handful of dates prior to this one.

Exactly, Zeb. This screams "puppy love and expendable income."

Even sex on the first date isn't THAT bad, for christ's sake, that happens all the time. But not just a necklace, not just a GOLD necklace... a presonalized/dated necklace?

178 - So does more than half of the population. Your point?

just give it to her anyways and say it's ur fault the date is wrong

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OP that's weird... you never buy things within the first month of dating. YDI big time

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*or in OP's case before you're even really together...

Yeah, I think that, as a girl, a gold necklace like that on the first date would be a huuuuuge turnoff. It screams of total stalker nut job. You have to take things slow so you don't scare girls away. If she really is the girl of your dreams, take the necklace back, or just cut your losses and move on. I would highly suggest that she never gets that necklace or even finds out about it. It's way too much too soon.

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You know this for a fact, or are you just talking out your ass on the assumption that no one could possibly be that creepy...

#162/knibbsy - I see how conceivably you could read it that way, and take it as 'going out with/going steady', but from the wording, I think that's extremely unlikely, and that it IS in fact their first date. I'll bet I'm not Robinson Crusoe on that interpretation either, judging by the other 200 or so comments.

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139- How do you know she isn't?

The engraved necklace would freak me out.

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230 - That's the thing. I don't. Neither does anyone else here. I was offering insight to the other possibility.

You obviously have no idea what I'm talking about, so next time, just shut up. K? Great.

You bought a necklace and engraved it... FOR A DATE? How needy are you? Geez.. desperation obviously has a price... the price of a necklace.

Yeah, for the first date, this is super creepy/desperate. Hold onto it for a year OP and then give it to her, making a sweet joke about your almost first date... if you don't do anything like this and scare her away in the meantime.

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even still...he probably would have still creeped her out...that would almost be like going on a few dates, buying a promise ring, and asking her out...too much too soon!

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18- No. It means that since his date was sick, she couldn't go on the date with him. He had an engraved necklace with the date they were SUPPOSED to go out (ex. Sep. 24) but they didn't go so he has a necklace with the wrong date.

umm no he ment to give the neclace with the date (eg.24.septemer) on the date (eg.dinner) he is meaning now when he goes on the next date (dinner) the date (24.september) on the neclace will not be the same and so it wont be romantic or whatever he was hoping for. not that he got the wrong date engraved

Regardless of what the date meant... it's still skeevy!

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yeah he dropped $8 in the claw machine at chuck e cheese for that necklace! He'll never get that back. Nor will he get back the 2 hours he spent scratching shit into it with a screwdriver.

Oh, desperate is a verb now. Goodness, learn something new every day.

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147, correct. It is pronounced 'des-per-ate.'

You should post on, her not seeing that creepy thing is a gift from your god imo. ydi

are you guys stupid? it's the date that they 'get together'

I'm not sure what a normal girl would say to this but I say if it's your first date it's too early for jewlery... it's a cute idea for an anniversary.

it's the girl of his dreams!! I would do the same!

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34, I'm pretty sure you just contradicted yourself..terribly.

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you stupid bruh bruh he put the date that he asked her out not a "date" as in a going out date

I agree. bro, you're acting like a crazy person.

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what an inconsiderate bitch getting sick like that when you were gonna ask her out - I bet that hoe is cheating on you already

18 and 33 are saying pretty much the same thing.. :b

Just tell her that the date engraved Is when the necklace was made

#2 is a bit harsh but I got to agree that it is way to early for a move like that, unless you know each other really well and even then it is a bit much. Great move for further down a relationship though!

"Ask out the girl of my dreams" kinda sounds like a first date

Pool that necklace. For like... a year. Then if you are still together, maybe it won't scare her away. Judging from what you wrote its the first date... you would freak her out with a gift like that on first date. Freak her straight out of your life forever.

Seriously. I hope the kid reads your message. If anything this dork and his creepy ass necklace dodged a bullet. The only way this would be more frightening is if he made the necklace himself out of her hair he collected while she was sleeping.

If a guy asked me out and gave me a gold necklace with our names I would be creeped out beyond comprehension…

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damn haven't asked her out yet but you're already buying her jewelry? coming on a little too strong there tiger.

are you serious with that mustache mate?!

he might be a biker... and it doesn't look that bad.

... says the guy named "lickmyjock." O.o I might look like a librarian, but you definitely look like the Supersize Me/30 Days guy. Just sayin'. :]

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That's freaking psycho if its a first date.

People like you are why ALL GIRLS need to be taught self awareness and close in fighting skills. Including in-home firearms training. You are why chicks live with an element of fear. Chicks should look to guys whom they know as protectors, not what they need protecting from. I can picture you peeking in her window. You would not live thru doing that to my sister. EAT SHIT AND DIE CREEP!

yeah, all that for a first date?? sounds a lil creepy/stalker-ish to me. use your money on something to improve you and your creepy ass personality. you can't buy love...wait..with some people you prob can....

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a gold engraved necklace for a first date? wow even in the psycho-stalker-handbook of dating that's like a third date thing. take it easy there leatherface


19 best comment ever. "take it easy there leatherface"

Probably a good thing she was sick so you could go home,post on FML and realise the necklace things a big mistake.You'll just creep her out!