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Today, my school is having homecoming. I'm taking a date who I really like, and she happens to have fairly large boobs. I have a friend who seems to think I have an obsession with boobs, so I texted her last night reading "btw, no big boob jokes tomorrow." I accidentally sent it to my date. FML
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adamas117 tells us more.

OP here. it was late when i sent the text, and wasnt really focusing on what i was doing. because the text was about my date, i was thinking about her, and subconciously went to her name instead of my friend's. its all good though. i explained the situation to her, and she understood.

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Well I guess there are going to be three big boobs at that dance.

Well that's a good thing then, I'm glad you got it straightened out.


thats your own fault!!

haha. that shoulda been easy to play off right?

lol.. that's awkward when you see her.


Yeah, he he was a nimrod.

14 - what I always do whenever that happens is tell them my friend took my phone, then write "jsnxksns" to imply that we're fighting over it. It works :)

There's a lot of wrong- texting FMLs for the past months.

Why do people find it so hard?

what's wrong with big boobs a lot

at op: ydi for calling them "boobs". wat r u, a girl or seven years old?

Well I guess there are going to be three big boobs at that dance.

Lolwinburn! But seriously, how stupid do you have to be to mistext someone? I mean, go to your Contacts, scroll down, select, then text. Either people need to learn to read, or America's next generation is doomed. D:

I was talking about a guy (he was leaving school early and i was telling my friend) and I accidentally sent it to the guy. We laughed it off and got over it. It happens.

hahahaha I get it

HAHAHA OH DAMN. YDI though. Don't you look at the name before you text someone? Hopefully she'll laugh it off when you explain it to her, and she's not one of those girls who find that stuff offensive. Good luck, OP.

This is why you first choose WHO you text, and then actually text that person.

Lol its cool dude play it off bro... WOW don't panic off the message come up with a quick white lie... Jeez whats with you people and these little mistakes you say something that's not even a big deal and ready to confess everything. I would hate to see you in a interrogation. lol DID YOU DO IT! YOU: yes i did it i did it i can show how i did it where i did it what time i did it who i did it with whats her name phone number blood time social security number... lmfao

That was weird

"blood time"??

7:30 AM positive.

just pray she takes it as a little joke or something LOL

you deserve it for being stupid & not reading. it's not that complicated. and your life deff isn't that fucked bc of a text accident.

lol at #12 XD