By Anonymous - 30/05/2019 00:01

Today, I went to have my tires replaced. While I was paying, the cashier asked if I would like a warranty for the tires. I said, "Nah, only idiots who can't drive need that." While pulling out of the parking lot, I took the turn too wide and popped my tire on the median. FML
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Well you jinxed yourself into being a bad driver

Don't know what country your in but in Australia it is Illegal for a business of any kind to sell a product without a minimum 12 month warranty included. You can buy extended warranty and they can put certain conditions on it but it has to be reasonable conditions.

In the US the minimum warranty usually only covers manufacturer defects or incorrect installation (good luck proving either though). A case like this wouldn’t be covered under it as the user damaged it through their own actions.

Guess you’re an idiot. “Only idiots need warranty for tires”

This time, buy the ******* warranty and own up to the fact that you suck at driving!

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Well, time for some self reflection... and maybe some driving lessons.

Might wanna learn how to drive, idiot.