By Pissed.Off.Mom. - 06/10/2016 05:14 - United States - Houston

Today, I got a call informing me that my 16-year-old daughter had been arrested for shoplifting jewellery. Trying to look on the bright side, I assumed it was for my birthday that is coming up in a few days. Nope. It was a "Thank you" gift. For her drug dealer. FML
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I'm assuming you are not her drug dealer?

It could have been worse, she coulda paid him with "favors"


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You would assume she asked her daughter?

Obviously you didn't read the first words. "I got a call..."

I think he meant how did she find out it was for her drug dealer, in which case, #4 would probably be correct.

well, most kids don't tell their parents the details of their relationship with their drug dealer.

I'm assuming you are not her drug dealer?

On the other bright side, you found out your daughter does drugs, and can now help her get stop taking them. So in a way this a good thing for her future

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#6. You're questioning her parenting skills because her daughter was shoplifting & doing drugs. She was hoping atleast that her daughter had a good reason, like her bday, mothers day etc. She probably was trying to rationalize her actions, til the end. There are no good reasons to steal, but just because a kid does drugs doesn't always mean it's the parents fault. My parents we're amazing to my sister & I but that didn't stop me from doing drugs. It wasn't on my parents, it was on me. So instead of jumping to conclusions, get all your info straight before you say stupid shit.

There are good reasons to steal. Stealing important info from the enemy, stealing food if you're desperately hungry. But if it's other than food, you have no reason to steal

You're right- I'm questioning her parenting skills. Things do not happen in a bubble. If her daughter has a drug dealer, it's likely this is not simply experimenting with friends. If her daughter is getting arrested for shoplifting she needs to stop making excuses and looking for the bright side and get her daughter some help for her problems. She is headed down a dangerous path that could haunt her for the rest of her life. As a parent, you do everything in your power to help your child. Now that she is aware of the problems, the proper thing to do is take action to fix them.

Yes, parenting is part of it. But the daughter also has free will and is capable of ignoring the lessons she's been taught. You seem to forget that kids are human beings, and are able to make their own choices. Yes, the mom should try to help her daughter. Yes, she should try to make her daughter understand why these things are bad. But in the end, the mom cannot physically or mentally force her child to do (or not do) anything. The daughter may decide she doesn't care, and clearly has already. If she chooses to continue these actions after her mom has taught her why she shouldn't, there's only so much the mom can do before it's out of her hands.

reason or not, it's a crime. My friend and her husband were caught stealing find because they couldn't afford any and needed to feed their kids. They were both arrested and did time for it.

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Yeah, I don't know many people that can find a bright side in finding out their child was shoplifting, much less jewelry.

Or doing drugs. Lose-lose situation for everyone (except the dealer ).

You tried to look at the bright side?! There is no bright side!!! Your kid is going down a very dark path!!!! send her to scared straight!!!

Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.

Your comment was the sure sign of a person who should learn when to keep certain comments to himself.

It could have been worse, she coulda paid him with "favors"

Why assume that the drug dealer is a guy? Perhaps she was going to give the jewelry to a female drug dealer

The dealer could be a girl too, just a thought.

people act like lesbians or bisexuals don't exist lol