By stillhungry - 27/06/2015 18:37 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my boyfriend called me while I was at work. He sounded very excited and told me he had a surprise for me. He doesn't usually do this kind of thing, so I was excited. When I came home, I found him naked, with "Bone Appetite" written right above his penis. FML
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At least he has a great sense of humour! :)


At least he has a great sense of humour! :)

It would have been better if he asked her to be the headmaster of the pen15 club.

Merylwen 24

I don't know about his sense of humour, but he sure has poor spelling. For me that's almost worse than the whole situation.

#41 the joke went right over your head...

Merylwen 24

I get the "bone", thanks. If "appetite" is a joke then please explain, captain obvious.

#53 Ohhhh nooooo someone doesn't have an understanding of French. Gosh, how did they miss that vital part of their U.S. education.

RedPillSucks 31

that is a common expression that's used in English even though it's French. just like everyone knows what Merci means. English is based on French and German.

tantanpanda 26

^English is based off Latin, friend.

duckie227 22

Since when is French required education? No language is 'required' by the board of education except English.

CaitiieBuggs 23

In my school district two years of a foreign language is required in high school to graduate. The only exceptions are if you have a modified diploma (which would generally still require one year), or if you can take a test to prove competency in a foreign language not offered by your school.

Merylwen 24

I'm actually fluent in French. My point is that everyone knows the phrase and that's obviously not how you spell "appétit". Apparently that needed to be explained to you, so there you go.

The US education system allows us to learn many languages, usually we only choose one or two and in some states the only choice is spanish or french and spanish is more usable here, this may not be the same for where OP is but it may

Bone appetite= appetite for a boner/dick. There.

BananaN0se 13

At least his Puns are great and his sense of humor is nice, I'd say that's a hard situation to be in though, I make puns too.

I guess he wasn't offering a foot long

I think it was more ignorance of the French language than a successful pun. The proper spelling is Bon Appetit.

JMichael 25

24, a dick is also called a boner. hence the bone appetite. there the joke has been explained.

That one must've been "hard" to swallow.

I feel like you didn't really need the quotation marks as this was already a double pun (a good one too).

hoosiergirl94 31

Lol I would be excited about that

He's trying to be sexy.. of course it's exciting. Girls are not appreciative enough.

RedPillSucks 31

how is he being sexy begging for a ********

#86 He's not begging for a ********. I bet if a woman did that the tables would be turned.

I know I would be scared if a woman asked for a *******.

Lol that's love. He has a great sense of humor so he definitely sounds like a keeper ;)

leogachi 15

Better than him asking you to join the pen15 club, when he is the head of the club.

Tried a little too hard there, buddy.

xluciferx666 21

Gotta give him points for creativity