By Tang - 27/02/2017 08:00 - United States - Fort Lauderdale

Today, I asked my boyfriend why he wasn't on Facebook for the last two days. It turned out his father found out we were talking, and banned him from logging on. He's 19. FML
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The real reason your life sucks is because you can't communicate with him in any way besides Facebook

Holy shit, he's 19 and has a son old enough to talk on Facebook? That's amazing!


The real reason your life sucks is because you can't communicate with him in any way besides Facebook

Hmm, not necessarily. Facebook is the new texting really. I'm assuming they see each other in person and message each other in between these times. Obviously it was unusual for him to not be responding for a few days and so OP asked why (clearly in person or via something other than facebook). I don't think that's so bad. I see your point though, I'm just being picky.

Holy shit, he's 19 and has a son old enough to talk on Facebook? That's amazing!

I'm gonna guess this is a grammar thing. Which is amusing, so that's an upvote from me.

Indeed it is; it's a dangling modifier joke.

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Um well if he lives,at home and dad pays the bills doesn't matter how old he is. how old are you

But it's such a ridiculous thing to do

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I get what you're saying but I believe the bigger issue is the fact that her bf's dad specifically did that because of HER..Being a legally able to vote but NOT being able talk to a specific person of your choice at that age because your PARENT don't want you too is a wee bit much no? Might be trying to protect him and his heart might be in the right place. If that's the case then his son's going to have a hard time understanding the world if his dad doesn't learn to let go a bit...

I wonder why the dad banned him after finding out he was talking to you. Does he hate you, ... or does he have a thing for you;) ?

This sounds like my father. Decided to homeschool me and sign me up for online classes. I know have no internet until I move out because 'I was on the internet too much'

If you're taking online classes don't you have to have the internet to complete the classes? Or are you saying you're not allowed to use the internet except for classes? Either way that sucks.

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His house, his rules. Age doesn't matter. It's stupid, true, but them's the breaks.

Don't know why this is getting downvoted. She admitted it was stupid, but that that's how most parents run their house. I do agree with that rule to a point. And although the boyfriend's dad is being ridiculous and too strict, the boyfriend can't do much about it considering he is old enough to get a job and move out if he really hates it all. I guess the boyfriend has to decide if it's worth living at home for little or no rent, in order to go to school or save up money, or if he'd rather move out and run the risk of having to work more and pay more rent.

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you gross?

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Nine"teen", still just young enough to need to respect his parents' wishes, and I'm guessing he's still living at his parent's home anyhow. I know the youths of today don't like this saying, but I still stand by it; "Their house, their rules." He's old enough to have a job and move out if he doesn't want to respect their wishes.

Yes parents can make the rules but that doesn't stop said rules from being absolutely ridiculous like this one. If you want your child to grow into an independent adult, putting boundaries as strict as this on them isn't the way to go about it.

Is he your boyfriend or are you "talking"? They're quite different things.