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Today, my son was expelled from school for bullying. The event in question took place off campus, during spring break, and was a friendly scuff. The iPhone video they used as evidence clearly showed the other boy laughing his head off and both of them sharing a coke afterwards. FML
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  Summaria  |  10

They don't care about REAL bullying. But as far as i experienced they do care a lot as soon as a video or something even remotely shows that someone COULD be bullied and then overreact like shown in the post.

In most european schools (which i have experienced or heard of) being expelled is the last thing that would happen and there would be lots and lots of talks and meetings beforehand.

By  Chazzster  |  20

My how things changedWhen I was in school kids were treated as “free range” and unless someone was bleeding from their injuries or the incident happened in class or on school grounds they were completely hands off. I can even remember in high school that two boys got into a fight just off school grounds while a coach watched to make sure it was a fair fight. Times were different....

Then the “zero tolerance” days started when my son was in school and suddenly anything that was against school rules at all was a huge deal. I still think though, that off campus things were treated as not a school issue - but it would depend on how “off campus” it was. If it was within sight it might still have been an issue, I am not sure.

Most bullying now does not start with a physical fight or attack. Most of it is verbal and both girls and boys can do it. But it is hard to sort out conflicting claims over verbal bullying - But seeing a physical fight between two kids is a lot easier to prove so they go after that a lot harder.

OP - Assuming the facts are as stated and you have proof then you have a clear case that they over-reacted.

By  WeirdUS  |  29

Laughing and sharing coke after? Were they filming a skit or a soda commercial? Sounds iffy also off campus now doesn't matter if it breaks schools code of conduct.