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Today, my six year old daughter discovered the family's pet rabbit in the basement freezer. The rabbit had died almost a year ago, and we'd stored it in the freezer, intending to bury it later. Here's to the trauma of losing the family pet. Twice. FML
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xThatAsianGurlx 0

Well that's disturbing

At this point, you may as well get it stuffed and mounted on the wall. It will surely be a welcomed mantlepiece come Easter time.


xThatAsianGurlx 0

Well that's disturbing

wowthatshorrible_fml 0

Yo I'm Asian too. That automaticaly makes us badass.

hunter989 0

Agreed. Moral of the story? Don't leave dead bunnies in your freezer.

victoria023 0

why not just throw it away?

WTF you messed your kid up for life. I think that's how Manson started

rabbit ca-bob?

this is disgusting.

fakeaccountX 6

Planning on defrosting it for dinner, were you?

You mother fucking asshole. Who shows their 6 year old child a dead animal? you bastard fuckin bitch.

66, they didn't show the daughter. She found it.

Bootz, easy there big guy. Try switching to decaf. Seriously.

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what the hell that's terrible!!!!!! YDI! dumbass.

RedJester23 6

am i the only one that noticed that it died almost a YEAR ago? why the hell would you leave a decomposing animal in the fridge...where you keep your food? for a year???? this is probably the most fucking retarded person of all time, YDI, and i hope your kid isn't as retarded as you

no, who leaves the dead family rabbit in the freezer for their child to find! also, didn't the lil girl ask where bunbun went?...LOL

generalasskicker 12

she knew it died the first time why they kept it around in the freezer makes no since however

lol....looks like you have lot to learn in the cursing department

66 learn how to swear before u try to tell someone off

The bunny IS decomposing, albeit at a slower rate.

the rabbit could have died in winter so they could have put it in the freezer until the ground thawed out so they could bury it

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pooper19 3

nice pic, your hott


Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!! OP: Why didn't you just bury the rabbit? It's not like it would take that long. YDI!

wander if that was thumper....

talk about procrastinating!

Thats pretty weird.

Thats pretty weird.

At this point, you may as well get it stuffed and mounted on the wall. It will surely be a welcomed mantlepiece come Easter time.

look honey your bunnys back!!

You look like a huge douche-bag.

Haha op that sucks.

What does it suck? You have to be more specific.

Were you saving the rabbit for Christmas dinner or did you just think he would bury himself.

Wow, I am sure she will tell her therapist all about this one day!


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