By P4ntless - United States
Today, I'm single. Last night, I decided it would be silly to leave my phone in my car before I went to my roommate's brother's birthday party. Highlights of the evening include: Beer Pong, a keg stand, and breaking up with my girlfriend via text message. I don't remember the last one. She does. FML
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  Ofoz91  |  0

Figuratively speaking of course. But he got so drunk that he breaks up with his girlfriend over a text message AND doesn't remember it... that just screams douche bag.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Getting so drunk he threw away a (presumably) good relationship? Yeah, sounds like a douche. If someone ran over a kid while drunk, I'd call them a douche too. Drinking is wonderful if you set limits.

  Ofoz91  |  0

Well, if they ran over a child while drunk I would probably be a little more brash than calling him a douche bag, but you understand the point. Lol.

  lets_be_ian  |  5

limits are made to be broken from time to time, most certainly when it comes to alcohol.

just remember what scott Henry said... "everything in moderation, especially moderation"

sometimes you just gotta get smashed and do dumb shit. I don't think anyone would just randomly break up with a significant other however unless there were already feelings leading him that way.

I may have made an ass of myself to all my friends while drunk more times than I can count, but I have never just flipped out and said I didnt' want to be friends with them anymore.

By  Taalix  |  0

There's a big chance that she probably lied. I mean really.... but still, to confirm it, you should have looked in your sent box and made sure you sent said text message. Be smart, use your common sense, and don't drink.

I agree with #9: you do deserve it.

By  PJB4466  |  0

am i not getting the context of this or what? i picked it up as he left the phone in that car and someone else used it to send a breakup text (not him?).

  Ofoz91  |  0

he said he thought it would be "silly to leave [his] phone in the car", so I assume that means he brought it with him. Which turned out to be a bad idea considering the ending of the story.