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Today, I had to get to class at 9:00 to take a test. I woke up at 6:00, and figured I could wait a few minutes before getting ready. The next thing I knew, it was 10:30. FML
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Always hit the snooze!! ALWAYS!

Capt_Oblivious 10

Did you hit your snooze button 14 times?


Always hit the snooze!! ALWAYS!

At least 14 times! Edit: Crap, didn't see that someone commented that.

Captain procrastination over here.

mcBe 6

Every time I hit that freakin button I know I'll screw up and sleep to long but that's Way after it happens, I look at that snooze button and say "hey sexy I'd tap that" and then smack it and fall back to sleep

"...The next thing I knew..." clearly you didn't know very much. If you're going to stay in bed, set a new alarm! It's a lot less annoying than repeating a 5-10 minute snooze.

tjv3 10

If OP is like me I can hit the snooze button once then sleep through the alarm for the next hr lol

OHai15 12

u should have pushed the snooze button or made another alarm. It works for me. hope u got to re-do the test. :O

Who the **** is captain procrastination? And why is he always messing with ME!!

I'll give it to OP that she could be like me. I often accidentally press dismiss instead of snooze on my alarm. It's horrible :(

I know that feel. I lost a job that way

And after all that begging to..

Op, this exact same thing happened to me today, i showed up an hour and a half late, luckily my teacher gave me an extra hour so i could finish

Maybe if you cared...

Same here... Alarm for 2:00pm and next thing I know it's 5 and I've missed half my class:(. Fml

63- Ya cuz, you know, most people with healthy and regular sleep schedules totally wake up at 2 in the afternoon. Psshh.

CharresBarkrey 15

79 - I wake up at 2pm everyday. I work graveyard shift, don't be so quick to judge, assface.

79-people can have night classes too. So the time of day would be switched around.

79- I work graveyard and have night classes from 3:30-9:30. So actually it's pretty normal for me... I forgive your ignorance.

scarface90 8

95 - me too, I have night classes from 5:00 to 9:30pm and can only study at night when the house is quiet, I wake up normally at 3:00pm My friends call it "the vampire lifestyle"...

101- haha I hear ya. I don't even have a social life due to school and graveyard shifts.... Yay vampire life haha

Happens to all of us. Hopefully your proffesor will understand and give you a make up

Even in high school if you don't show up for a test and you don't have a doctors note they don't let you write it.

SaintPeasy 3

At this time of year, I bet that was a Final. He's screwed.

Now don't be saying "All of us" only the lazy, and city slickers.

Not all high school teachers are like that..

fylx100 19

I agree #29. At my school we are not allowed to make up any tests if the absence is not excused. But no teacher give a shit about that rule and let us make it up before or after school. And if you're lucky, during class :-)

Speak for yourself.


At post secondary school. I know at mine at least only a doctors note or death of close family member is an excuse. "OVER SLEEPING IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE TO MISS A TEST/EXAM." That's a quote.

Capt_Oblivious 10

Did you hit your snooze button 14 times?

He would have to hit it 54 times for it to be from 6:00-10:30. How much do you have to hate yourself for you to cause yourself that much annoyance?

Did you seriously just do math?

My snooze on my iPod increases by a few minutes each time. So after a few it will wait about half an hour, which is really irritating.

39, yeah I seem to do that a lot.... I think I have an addiction. D:

21, because there is no way this was a reference to a previous FML right?

43 I know that, and I was simply saying that OP had to press it 54 times. I counted.

mowmowlife 21

Thumbed up your math. Math is good. References to other FMLs posted this day are better

unknown_user5566 26

That used to happen to me quite often. After a while I realized I couldn't be trusted to close my eyes for "just five more minutes", and I started setting multiple alarms in ten minute intervals.

Ah I do the same! Every time before I sleep I setup my iphone with 4 alarms all in 15 minutes interval. 1st one to take me out of deep sleep. 2nd to wake me up. 3rd to wake me up again lol. 4th one is a warning one that now I should either call out or should be getting ready to leave.

Same. I set my alarm and do five to 10 minute interval alarms on my phone.

KVKdragon 26

I just use the iHome+Sleep app on my iPad and use my dedicated wake-up songs playlist to wake up every morning. My mind gets too accustomed to repetitive alarm clock sounds, so I use a select bunch of songs on shuffle to wake up every morning. The app also lets you customize how the snooze button works, so I just set the alarm 10 minutes before I need to get up and the snooze timer on 10 minutes :P

I do what all of you do, except i have to leave it like super far away. If its even close to arms reach, or if ican roll over and somehow grab it, i wont realize that i apparently got up and snoozed it.

I do pretty much the same thing. I set a really annoying song as the alarm and toss my phone across the room so I HAVE to get up.

Alarm clock extreme free. customize it anyway you'll like and be certain you wake up. I have to get up for work at 5 am sometimes - that alarm has max one snooze and then 10 math questions I gotta solve before I can turn it off..

68, I do the same. Only problem is I turn it off and just walk straight to bed!

iedsrduan 18

I do the same daily for school. I wake up at 5 a.m. and leave at 6:30, so I set an alarm every five minutes from 5 a.m. until 6:30 on my iPod. and a single alarm on my phone.

BlueFlatts 20

I tend to use my iPod for my alarm clock, one day I woke up late for class because my cat was sleeping on it and the sound got muffled. Luckily I didn't miss anything too important, but it was amusing, even then. Time to get a better wake-up system going.

Maybe, just maybe, you can talk to your professor and figure something out so you don't get a zero? It may be a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Obviously you're not in college. Professors don't just let you make up a test because you overslept. You would have to either had an escuse from the college or have a doctor's note.

44 OP may not be in college either.

44: you're right, I'm not in college because I graduated from college in May. From MY personal experiences, people make mistakes and sometimes professors can help you IF you ASK. In my nursing school, if you missed an exam, you don't get to take the exact test, but an essay style test worth 70 points. That way, you don't get an unfair advantage or a zero. So, sticking to the point, it NEVER hurts to ask because you never know what good could come from it.

Well then I'm sorry. But when I missed an exam I was SOL when it came to a make up. I talked to the professor even, and he refused to do anything about it because it was against university policy and it wouldn't have been fair to the students that actually showed up.

Hate when that happens

Sadly, it doesn't work that way :( Edit: Damn, I responded to the wrong comment... just keep scrolling

I accidentally set my alarm for PM on the day of my exam, had I not had my usual alarm set up an hour later I would have completely missed it. We all have those stupid moments, hopefully you won't fail because of it!

Just lie and say you got too sick to take the test or something

Sadly, it doesn't work that way.

Right I say eat a bunch of Taco Bell and twinkles so you can actually be too sick to take the final.

I want to eat a twinkle. :o But seriously. Lying is bad. :(

That's the worst, next time hit snooze, or set another alarm 30 minutes later? My iPhone alarm likes to not go off. It's so annoying.