By PharmSlave - 01/05/2015 06:12 - United States - Marysville

Today, my boss told me I ask too many questions and that's why they cut my hours in half. Officially, I'm a "Pharmacy Technician in Training", which means I'm trying to teach myself how to do the job without killing someone. All from on the job experience and an outdated textbook. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

I wanna know what pharmacy thus is so I don't accidentally end up dying

Just do your best, and screw them!


google is your friend?

I'm pretty sure googling "how not to kill people" isn't going to end up with the best results.

1dvs_bstd 41

... and you might get a visit from the FBI.

Just kill someone, that will teach them

Sounds like your boss is scared you'll take their job if you get good enough. Keep at it and you probably will.

I don't know, that sounds more like a lazy employer than a threatened competitor to his job.

Puppys_Doll 28

Best of luck!

Just do your best, and screw them!

Redoxx_fml 22

I wanna know what pharmacy thus is so I don't accidentally end up dying

Pharmacist: That was Mr. Smith on the phone... He said he's been having problems with his blood not clotting and thinks it's his medication. Didn't you give him what I told you to? OP: Yessir, I gave him Coumadin. Pharmacist: WHAT?! I said cinnamon! CIN-NA-MON! His metabolism needed a boost! OP: Oh... Well that would explain all the bleeding. Sorry boss!

well questions are a good thing! if your boss doesn't answer your questions, then there's higher chances you'll kill someone. your bosses logic is retarded

You had me, until you said 'retarted.'

And of course, you edit it in time. Well-played.

I always read my comments over. I caught the mistake right before I read your comment

The thing is. You shouldn't ask your boss first. Always ask people at your level before asking your superiors.

IAmMonkey, you say you read your comments over, but you still wrote "bosses logic".

Go on a murder rampage and kill everyone inside that place? Just a suggestion

MasterTron 24

How will that help anyone?

Please don't ever work.

It's natural selection

When I was still a trainee they told me there's no such thing as stupid questions or too many questions. You learn by asking. They are stupid!

Wow that's so unprofessional!