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Today, my students presented their projects on genetics to the rest of the class. One student told the class that salted and unsalted peanuts were an example of genetic variation. She was serious. FML
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As if people couldn't get any dumber...

Just wait until you hear about the giraffe necks!


As if people couldn't get any dumber...

Really? Why bother commenting? *more dumb

It's acceptable to use dumber in that way. Maybe it's not how you like it, but it's acceptable.

Maybe you shouldn't have bothered? The generally accepted term is dumber, although some people argue it can be written both ways. Edit: Late to the party.

The general rule is that if the adjective is one syllable you use -er or -est, if it has two or more syllables you use more or most. It's not a hard and fast rule (i.e., most of use would not say 'funner') and it can also vary by region or dialect. The more you know :)

Clearly, she forgot about BBQ peanuts

iAmPaul 49

ughhhhhh FML's comment community is among the most fascist on the internet.

Really? This community is the most fascist? Someone has clearly never read YouTube comments before. Especially on videos about women or anyone who isn't white.

As if you can compare FML and YouTube? One target audience excitedly reads, the other watches. Form your own conclusion.

Just wait until you hear about the giraffe necks!

\ 28

Fun Fact: Giraffes have long necks due to Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicking the neck of their prehistoric ancestor.

Ass wooping became hereditary when Chuck Norris was born.

Just stop with the chuck Norris jokes, they are getting old.(hopefully he doesn't read this, I don't want to get roundhouse kicked)

phillybob 4

It feels good understanding all these references

Why, Chuck Norris loves them. He even released a book called, 'Chuck Norris' favorite Chuck Norris jokes'

I saw a girrafe that had a short neck. That was sad...or a deer.

iAmPaul 49

and to think she'd made it that far already in her academic life e.h.

iOceanus 18

I'm ashamed of my generation.

\ 28

Here. Get in the TARDIS and see if you can find any instances in the past of people NOT saying this about their current generation.

iOceanus 18

Nah, i don't have enough swag for that.

iOceanus 18

Looks some people in the FML community still don't understand sarcasm.

Sarcasm is hard to catch when written.

Especially when written without putting a massive amount of emphasis on the sarcastic part. "I'm ashamed of my generation" shows absolutely no sign of sarcasm, especially when one considers how popular this particular statement is. It'd be like someone saying nothing else than "Obama is such a terrible president", then complaining when people don't get that it was meant sarcastically.

^Exactly. Don't expect people to be mind readers about your particular brand of vague sarcasm, when plenty of people say stupid shit like that seriously. ESPECIALLY when people say it as a way to backtrack after they've been called out on a bad comment. Common sense. It's easier if you say something in a typically sarcastic way, or if you want clarity, use some sort of symbol to denote sarcasm. Of course some people in the community don't immediately see sarcasm after it's been so abused by clumsy users.

are we just going to ignore the fact someone declined getting in the TARDIS?

Wow you already know when someone comments about how this "generation is" there's going to be all types of replies lol

@13 I thought that it was always the older generation that complained about the newer generation. Our generation isn't "doomed", those in our generation are generally still young, most of us are still teens and young adults. It's mostly because we're young that we say and do dumb things, as we get older we'll gain experience and become wiser. I know that my parents did some pretty stupid and crazy stuff when they were younger. There's even a scientific explanation for this; the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for judgement, emotional regulation etc. isn't fully developed until about 25. There's a reason for the saying, "in order to be old and wise you have to be young and stupid" because it's true, wisdom comes with age and experience, which often involve stupid mistakes that people learn from.

There's no way its sarcasm anyway. If it was sarcasm he would be trying to say he is proud of his generation... which doesn't make any sense to the fml. He could have said "I love my generation." THAT would have been sarcasm. no one seems to know what sarcasm is these days...

#23 YOU don't understand sarcasm... because there's no sarcasm in your initial comment. If you said it to be ironic and predictable then... well that's a lame joke in itself.

I'm more upset at seeing the TARDIS and swag in the same sentence.

Lil_Red777 21

Don't worry we're ashamed of you too. Oooh sarcasm, or is it?

iOceanus 18

I haven't been on here for a long time, and I forgot how you will get buried for any tiny thing you say. For everyone's information, my second comment was the sarcasm, not the first--I will admit that it's difficult to notice sarcasm strictly through writing without some sort of inficator, but in my defense, why would I say "swag" when my opinion of such things was implied with the first comment--and I didn't know the first comment was overused. A lot of people say stupid things or just troll to get a reaction out of people, so I don't bother to look at the comments. Ergo, I wouldn't have seen someone say that before. That applies to any website; I don't read comments often. I don't expect sympathy or empathy; I'm just explaining myself. If you're still reading: enjoy your stay on FML.

Well then, the problem was really simple: You waited a measly 4(!) minutes to decide that people didn't get that your swag-statement was sarcastic. Nobody had commented on it yet, hardly anyone even had time to see it, yet you still complained about people not getting it. And exactly that is behaviour that gets you downvoted into oblivion. BTW: The swag statement is the only one of yours that actually got accepted by the people on here, simply because we understood that it was sarcastic. I'd suggest two things for the future, if you wish to grace this comment section with your presence once again: Firstly, don't get so overly defensive when it seems as if people don't agree with or simply don't like your comment. By starting a fight with them you're only making things worse. Secondly, don't take these things to heart. Everybody writes some unpopular comments from time to time, it's normal to have some that get downvoted for hardly any reason. Just move on when that happens.

Schizomaniac 24

That's not true. Everyone loves me and my comments so I've never been down voted. Not once. Ever.

StillUsesMyspace 22

challenge accepted 92, I'll watch for your comments in the future...

Hey, everybody calm down before someone gets a-salt-ed!

\ 28

I think you just dug your own grave, #92.

thejewishfuhrer 17

2 peanuts were walking down the street when one was assaulted.

carterjanelle 9

Puns are the best kinds of jokes

Please tell me this is a very young age group...

Genetic variation? I doubt it. At least 13 year olds, but probably 15-17 year olds. With the internet there's no excuse though.

buttcramp 21

since OP's username mentioned biology, I'd say high school grade level. what I don't understand is how the parents thought this was acceptable. my parents always checked out our school projects before we turned them in.

your parents checked your projects and homework? seriously? maybe up to 13 but after that... that seems a little overbearing...

I wish more parents took an interest in their middle school and high school aged children's homework and schooling! I can't begin to tell you how many of my students' parents have no idea what their children are doing (or not doing) at school.

Mine always checked my projects through high school as well. It drove me nuts, but they did it anyway.

buttcramp 21

it wasn't like my sister and I were making terrible grades, my parents just thought the things we did in school was interesting and it gave them a chance to offer encouragement which usually turned into conversation. Most parents of high school kids wish their kids would open up, my parents had a solution.

Coeliacchic93 21

I even showed my mum some homework or projects in college. it was great especially if it was a subject I was passionate about, she learnt new stuff and I got to talk out, helping me to remember it. My mum was a big influence on me at school and for some homeworks like math, which wasn't her strong point, I would teach her what we did in class and she would then be able to help me if I struggled. I think parents should be involved with school/home work.

And I thought the guy who forgot his name during a presentation in my class was pretty bad

Well, if you are nervous, you can forget lots of things....maybe even your name if you are super nervous.

It can happen. I remember one time I was giving a presentation on why marijuana should be legalized and I was terrified because public speaking freaks me out. I said "Hi my name is marijuana and I am giving my presentation on (my name)."

He wasn't nervous. he just didn't do any of the work nor the presentation, so when it was his turn to introduce himself to the class, he stood there like an imbecile and I had to do it for him

jazzy_123 20

51, haha classic! I had a speech today also and since I have an ear infection I couldn't hear well out of ny right ear, so I'm pretty sure I was screaming the whole time.. way to keep the audience attention ehh?

seprunner 12

Well, that's why they have good teachers as yourself to help out. I hope...

That's one peanut brain... Wow, sorry OP. Hope your other students did well!