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Today, one of the comic companies I submitted to, replied back. They said that the story was boring, and the main character bland, generic, uncultured, had no potential for personal growth, a suburbanite, and an ignorant shut-in. I based the personality of the main character on my own. FML
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  CyclonePsycho  |  1

Yeah, careful with self-insert stories. Some people can pull them off and make them enjoyable to read, but the vast majority can't. It's all about how you write it. Most of the time, basing comics off yourself leads straight down the Mary Sue/Gary Stu lane. No matter how exciting the story is, a Mary Sue is boring to read. Period. Characters need to be dynamic. They need to be relatable to the audience in some aspect yet on some sort of level above everyone else.

For me, the hardest thing about writing is characterization. It takes loads of practice, experimenting, and someone who'll give you a few pointers and opinions.

Like someone said somewhere below, you may have a great personality... just not on paper.

  spazzdoodle  |  0

Agreed; Stephanie Myers is the only one who can pull it off, and even that was more marketing than writing.

Wait, scratch that, that was all marketing and no writing.

  fegd  |  0

Not necessarily. Dilbert's author Scott Adams got a LOT of rejection, especially related to his poor drawing skills, and Dilbert's huge now. So...

By  flylikemusic  |  0

First off, I want to say that if you are writing a comic based on yourself, you have the liberty, nay, obligation to sensationalize your story. YDI for not taking such an opportunity.

By  adelaide_evening  |  0

You're not supposed to base your characters on yourself. You probably didn't portray your character accurately, and so it probably came across as flat and static. Use some creatively and actually make a character next time.

By  shanster  |  3

nobody's life is that exciting or creative to make into a comic character, or any fictional character at all. If you want to base a character on yourself make it EXCITING!! Make it like you but maybe be more crazy, or have weird powers, or be a serial killer @ night, police officer during day kinda thing. Okay?? dont be stupid and think you're so great that a company's gonna wanna pay you a shitload of money to make a comic book off of it >_

  FML_babe  |  0

#9 has a point! even crap gets published these days!
just keep trying buddy and add some interesting original traits to your character !

good luck!