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You tried

Today, after a solid month of hard work, I finally finished modeling and animating a 3D insect character for a scene. After presenting it to the rest of my team, one of my teammates pointed out that it looks exactly like a flying penis. FML
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By  afkwarrior  |  25

Damn nature, you scary

  gracehi  |  31

My sister and boyfriend were both spring animators at one point, and I thought exactly this. This is exactly why concept art is so important... unless OP did present concept art, and the bug somehow ended up looking different in 3D than it did in 2D.

By  chill99  |  15

What's wrong with people? Why is everything seen as a penis or vagina? Someone posted a picture of cookies with whole pecans on top, and people said they looked like vulvas. Really, get some class, people.