By King_of_Cha0s - 15/09/2015 18:05 - United States - San Jose

Today, my PE teacher yelled at me for not trying hard enough in class. This my second week back after being in the hospital with a collapsed lung. FML
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Have you tried explaining that to him? that's messed up. Hope you feel better.

When that happened to my brother the school sent him home for an extra week after the doctor released him back.

PE teachers dont tend to listen to reason unfortunately. The ones I had when I took PE the last two years were lazy, rude, and quite uncaring. It amazes me how they even get paid.

You should collapse his left nut. I'm just kidding violence is never the answer. And I just assumed it was a male teacher too. Complain to the office, better yet have your parents complain too.

Just saying but sometimes violence is a good answer.

sounds like my old high school P.E. teacher. who turned a simple game of dodge ball into a battle field with his steroid abuse like attitude...

Explaining may not work with a lot of asshat teachers like this. I had my lung collapse about a year ago, and got to watch my grade in calculus drop to a D while in the hospital. My calc professor pretty much laughed at me and called me lazy and stupid when I asked for help. Hopefully OP's gym teacher isn't quite as much of a dick.

wow! Get a doctor's note? Would that help or do you have one which he has ignored?

I feel so bad for all of you! My PE-teacher was great. I had other bad teachers of course. But ny PE-teacher managed to get this lazy, untalented and unmotivated kid (me) to actually ejoying sports incredibly much. I actually think that there's a huge fifference betweenaamerican schools and European or maybe only Swiss schools when it comes to PE.

My PE teacher was the opposite! I genuinely enjoyed sports, but being a severe asthmatic I really really sucked at them. And when they'd (because there was more than one) would yell at us to run faster. Bitch you first!

You should try to get a note from the doctor excusing you. That was what I did when I was recovering from bronchitis.

At this point screw him. If it still is a problem after a while, take it up with administration. That'll get him to stop for sure

Seems frustrating, try just taking a deep breath- wait or not

Suck it up. With your collapsed lung, of course.

I guess you could say you were out of breath badum tshh

You should have tried harder to stop your lung from collapsing in the first place

Do you even know what a lung collapsing entails? Are do you actually believe people can prevent it?

You can't really stop it from collasping, or even knowing that it is going to happen....

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That was hilarious. And doubley hilarious that people actually took it seriously. XD Come on guys...

That was hilarious. And doubley hilarious that people actually took it seriously. XD Come on guys...

Generally, for something to qualify as a joke, it has to be funny. And don't forget Poe's Law.