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  Estrangement  |  25

PE teachers dont tend to listen to reason unfortunately. The ones I had when I took PE the last two years were lazy, rude, and quite uncaring. It amazes me how they even get paid.

  Recon13x  |  9

You should collapse his left nut.

I'm just kidding violence is never the answer. And I just assumed it was a male teacher too.
Complain to the office, better yet have your parents complain too.

  TheGreatPotato  |  19

Explaining may not work with a lot of asshat teachers like this. I had my lung collapse about a year ago, and got to watch my grade in calculus drop to a D while in the hospital. My calc professor pretty much laughed at me and called me lazy and stupid when I asked for help. Hopefully OP's gym teacher isn't quite as much of a dick.

  Mpii  |  11

I feel so bad for all of you! My PE-teacher was great. I had other bad teachers of course. But ny PE-teacher managed to get this lazy, untalented and unmotivated kid (me) to actually ejoying sports incredibly much. I actually think that there's a huge fifference betweenaamerican schools and European or maybe only Swiss schools when it comes to PE.

  catherinecas  |  30

My PE teacher was the opposite! I genuinely enjoyed sports, but being a severe asthmatic I really really sucked at them. And when they'd (because there was more than one) would yell at us to run faster. Bitch you first!

  leogachi  |  15

It's a joke guys, calm down.