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Today, my parents told me about how they met. I'd already known they were eight years apart, but I never knew my dad started dating my mom when he was 21 and she was 13. FML
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wow. I guess age really didn't matter to them..

That's... wow. The fact that they actually stayed together up until now is a miracle in itself.


lexie206 0

wow. I guess age really didn't matter to them..

tweetbaby14 18

age ain't nothin but a number... no but seriously, OP, your father was the inspiration behind pedobear. I hope you're proud.

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Chris Hansen gets erections while watching the underage girls seducing pedofiles. just sayyin

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that's funny. and it's supposed to be a joke, like some of the FMLs that are posted.

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39- They stopped the show cuz of it, he would always go into the coffee room to roast his beans.

25: F'ed up? Undoubtedly. Illegal? Only if they were having sex.

haha my mom was 13 when she got pregnant with me. I'm 24 she just turned 39. and my dad was 21 when he got her pregnant.I'm puerto rican. nuff said!

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I think you can look at this in a positive way, they can't get mad at the age of the person your dating, and prob could get away with dating who ever you want because of this.... not saying to become a creepy dude who goes after kids thou

Hey it's like Ashton kutcher! Only it's the opposite and 10 years younger.

tweetbaby14 18

88 that's disgusting... 13 year olds never are hot

74- jesus! only 13?! that's ****** up. your poor mom D;

it's really not as big a deal as people would like u to believe, ( sometimes I just think it old fat and ugly women who are against it) though it's because people think that it's oppressive of women, a lot of people in history have had young brides, mugwort, edger Allen Poe, and more.

This wouldn't be an FML for you because you were born, so you can't say FML when you're..I'm confused.

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your dad's paedophile. watch your girlfriends around him.

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Actually, I think it mattered quite a bit! The sort of 21 year old who dates 13 year olds probably doesn't care much for the over-18 set.

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This wasn't supposed to be a reply here.......

it's only illigeal to have sex. adults can't have sex with minors. its rape. no matter what.

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that's really not that bad, age is just a number, some girls like older guys bc they know what love is and hell better in bed wise to lol!

wellllll, obviously we have a RAPIST in Lincoln park.

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39 yeah your right. ericDouglace *attempts* to do what 34 just said but can't

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Edger Allen poe was a bad example. He was a total nutjob and if he was a nutjob, he had a pretty good chance of being a pedophile, too!

No, they don't have to have sex. If 1, or both partners are younger then 18, and the age difference is 4 years, then it's illegal. Whether their having sex, or just dating. Thats pedophilia on the dads part.

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i dated a 21 year old when i was 14 yes its illegal but the idea is to not get caught

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hi would u like to talk to me?

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holy shit the only time being a pedophile worked out

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Lexie what's your gamer tag

Pedo Dad, Pedo Dad, does whatever a Pedo Dad does...

loool a 21 yr old fkin a 13 year old... nice

lol omg your profile info made me laugh sooo freakin hard!! =))

ur mom probably thought she was like da bomb and all this good shit infront of her friends while dating a 21 year old guy!

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Do more shoulder workouts and less picture taking

I'm actually wearing a back brace with shoulder pads because I had major spinal surgery a few months ago, and won't be able to 'work out' for another 18 months, so shut the hell up?

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He wasn't replying to you. so shut the hell up?

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226, he wasn't talking to you.... Wow, people are really stupid...

that's embarrassing, my iPod is ****** up, sorry :/

were they screwing? that's all I want to know..

My mom went to senior prom in 6th grade with her 12th grade guy and currently her husband is 20 years older then her. If you really like someone age shouldn't matter.

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yo theta asesine you libe in Texas..always wanted to visit

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That's... wow. The fact that they actually stayed together up until now is a miracle in itself.

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thts just weird she was barely a teen.

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He liked his game young; you could call it statutory.

Only if they were having sex. Which they probably were though.


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It depends on which state you live in! In oregon it isn't illegal to have that kind of age difference, but if someone over the age of 18 as much as kisses someone under the age of 18, it's statutory.

morganhchs 5

actually it's perfectly legal if they weren't. check your facts.

Brings a whole new meaning to the term "play date", doesn't it?

It's illegal, but just because something is illegal doesn't mean no one does it. For example, my aunt and her husband moved in together when he was in his late 20s and she was barely 15. They've been together for over 30 years now.

It depends on what OP means by "dating". If they were just hanging out, then it's not illegal. If they were having sex (presumably in the US where OP is posting from), then yes, it would be.

zp5 4

what im getting at is, what 13 year old would go out with a 21 year old??

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It's statutory rape of they were having sex.

zp5 4

*if yes i know that but what i meant was like kissing or something like that not "hanging out" like 14 said. but if it was sex...well, your dads in trouble op. well, thats what i meant for my last comment which isn't there anymore...

There's a distinct difference between conduct that would be considered creepy or inappropriate and that which would be actually illegal. As your question in #11 was specifically "is that legal?", that's what I answered, although that seems to be not what people want to hear. The laws on Child Sexual Abuse are very specific, and if the OP's Dad didn't do any of those things, then no, it wasn't actually 'illegal'. "Is that weird?", or "do you think that's OK?" are completely different issues.