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Today, after two weeks of being grounded, I was finally let out of the house by my mom. I had to call her at 1am asking her to come get me, because I got so drunk, I told my ride to leave without me. I'm grounded again after less than a day of freedom. FML
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Hello everyone. I didn't know my FML got posted until now. This was more to express what an idiot I am than to be told I'm an idiot. For people asking questions, I'm 16 and live in Saskatchewan. A small town where there's **** all to do. There is nothing wrong with my mothers parenting, I respect her for coming to get me and grounding me. I was grounded for another month after this happened and am going to addictions councelling starting the New year. I was out last night, first night off of grounding again and didn't have a sip of alcohol. Originally, I wasn't going to comment. But I figured you guys deserved an update. Yes I deserved it.

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If you're old enough to still be grounded, you're not old enough to drink. Ydi.

Grounding is usually to teach you a lesson and not be bad. She probably thought you learnt your lesson but, clap clap, you proved her wrong.


Grounding is usually to teach you a lesson and not be bad. She probably thought you learnt your lesson but, clap clap, you proved her wrong.

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There was a lesson to learn in there somewhere. Just couldn't quite put my finger on it!

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Op. You are by definition... A complete Moron!!

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I would've laughed if she had no way to call her mom.

41 I feel as tho "dumbass" is more appropriate.. 66 She could have passed out in bush after puking thru the window?

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I'm saying it would've been ironic if she had no phone, since she had to call her mom.

thats...not really what irony is...and its also just easily remedied by borrowing someones phone.

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Well OP YDI for being an IDIOT . You sound like my little brother he's an IDIOT too

Threadjacker alert *does the silent kill*

Wow you are one of the stupidest people on the face of the earth and your mom should be ashamed. You're clearly underage and shouldn't be drinking in the first place, but how idiotic do you have to be that after just ending a two-week grounding the very first thing you do is go out and do something that's obviously going to get you in more trouble? Even if you had just come home drunk you would have been grounded. It just amazes how some people make the exact same idiotic choices time and time again. It's like their brains don't even function and it doesn't even occur to them to just not do those things again. Hopefully your mom grounded you for a year now so at least the rest of us can know there's one less moron on the streets for a while.

Better to be grounded then to be black and blue .

#204 Going by your comment, OP is technically insane. Insanity, by definition, is doing something the exact same way over and over again while expecting different results.

Well I would say that's an accurate description of the OP.

If you're old enough to still be grounded, you're not old enough to drink. Ydi.

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Good point. And if OP is indeed underage, she should be happy that she got off easy by just being "grounded." My parents would've flipped out even though they were pretty relaxed when it came to me trying wine/liquor underage as long as I was with them.

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I agree. What was the OP thinking?!? I never got grounded. I got caught drinking at the neighbor's house once when I was seventeen. My mom called the cops. Three nights in juvie! My next drink was on my 21st birthday.

10- it's not all of us who gets drunk. I'm 15 and I don't drink. So please don't say "but these are minors. They're the future" because this is OP and a few percent of this generation who does this. Not all of us. And most of us can differ right from wrong.

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I agree with 23. You can't generalize an entire generation based on one person.

Wow #16 you had to go juvie for 3 nights just for underage drinking?!? Here in Canada, the cops just make you pour it out and then send you on your way lol

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I agree, you can't generalize a whole generation based on 1 person but unfortunatly a lot of the younger generation think getting drunk is the best thing to do. I am 21 now, but when I was in sixth form everyone i knew that was around my age thought that getting so drunk that you can't remember what even happend means that it was a great night out and they should do it again. They would often ask me to go with them, saying I would enjoy myself, but a few years later and I am still teetotal.

My generation sucks. I think it defiantly depends on how your raised, because all of the kids that grew up in town drink, except for the outcasts. But the kids who grew up in the country have never had a sip, and we have NEVER been grounded.

This fml is just someone being freaken stupid. I don't drink and also I wouldn't be grounded to begin with. Someone that obsessed with drink is bound to not have some rational intelligence.

61- I'm a city girl... And i'm certainly not an outcast. By the way I know teenagers who grew up in the country that likes to drink, a lot.

Guys stop ******* blaming this generation. It was tue parents job to teach this generation.. And part of it sounds like she had parents like the one in the fml 3 below this one.. Yes it can lead to as someone called it "catholic girl syndrome".

It's not only the parents fault. Nature vs nurture. That whole argument.

Nurture can affect nature.. Look at how Iruka, kakashi, pervy sage and all changed naruto.

Our parents have done the same shit.. You just hear about it more with this generation.. Honestly guys. Just because someone does this shit doesn't mean they will end up on the corner.. They could become a ceo. Or next president..

Ever heard of the summer of love? Little puritans running to the city to live in sin? That's not this generation, that's every generation. By law, you can't get 3 nights in juvie in the USA for minor consumption, you get MCA and a ride home if necessary. Drinking underaged has always been a tradition. The leaders of today were fuckups yesterday, and that's how it always will be, because experience teaches.

71, I'm speaking about MY town. I'm just trying to prove that it depends on how you're raised.

Look at the role models our generation has, teen mom, 16 and pregnant, jersey shore, I once herd a teen say she wants to audition for 16 and pregnant just to be on tv. When I was young I used to say "I want to audition for slime time live" media does have a strong role in the young people's lives.

123 Watch breaking amish.. Prime example of "Catholic girl syndrome"

Obviously not EVERY city kid is a drunk and not EVERY townie is sober.

The legal drinking age in most of Canada is 18. And if OP is still living at home because they cant afford to live on their own yet, then of course the parents can still ground them since they are living under their roof.

Isn't the legal drinking age in Canada 18? If so, he/she's legally old enough to drink and can still get grounded

16- it looks like you had it bad. When i was caught drinking all that happened is that a cop talked to me. That was SEVERAL years ago haha but I guess NY cops are a little more lax than others.

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This FML would only be funny if OP was of legal drinking age, lived at home, and STILL gets grounded.

The legal drinking age in most of Canada is actually 19, except for the provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec - where it is 18 :)

10, are you so completely nieve as to think that we are the only generation with people to do this? You think our parents' and grandparents' generations didn't do this? Also, just because you binge drink underage doesn't mean you are a disgrace and failure. I know plenty of people who have gotten shit faced from alcohol and even weed. Those people held solid 3.8s and above all throughout high school, and are now in college.

Every generation thinks the younger generation is worse than theirs. It's simply not true. It's merely a matter of one's incorrect perception.

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She is in Canada guys. Drinking age is 18.

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Well at the very least, she should give you a little credit for being responsible enough to call her.

True, she didn't decide to drive (well if old enough to- guessing not old enough to drink if getting grounded) OP, don't be a dumb ass! Your parents are grounding you for a reason, learn from it, because being grounded is nothing compared to getting DUI or worse, dead or killing someone else!!!

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Why would people thumb #4 down? Everyone makes mistakes and yes, OP deserves this one for being so irresponsible. Nonetheless she made the right choice in calling her mom instead of going home with a stranger or driving.

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Doesn't matter in this case. Op was probably grounded for the same reason she is now. She deserves no credit for calling her mom and telling her she's drunk off her ass again. Op needs a reality check IMO. The same days she wins her freedom she loses it!! Lol, op deserves this completely regardless if she showed her mother that she could be responsible. The mother has had enough of her probably. She was grounded for two weeks already before this happened.

Calling her mom deserves no does NOT show responsibility,it shows total lack of responsibility....being responsible as a minor means doing the right thing, NOT doing the wrong thing AGAIN & then calling mommy/daddy to admit to stupidity...simple as that.

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4- She did get credit. She was alive enough to post an FML about it.

That's not really a FML - it's more like an ISD (stands for I'm So Dumb.) YDI.

There is no way that this is an FML. It is so a YDI. You'll get no sympathy from me OP. there is no way this isn't your fault.

It's just because stupid people have too much sympathy for people who do stupid things.

I guess for every 5000 thumbs down there are about 200 others who accidentally hit the wrong button. YFDI OP.

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Well I put that their life sucks and that they deserve it. It's true! It must really suck having no self control and ******* yourself over, but it's obviously deserved.

Well, since you were already on your mom's bad side, you should have used this opportunity to show her you are more responsible.... Trust is earned little by little.

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Yeah, especially since the OP just got done with being grounded, they go out and drink.. That's just asking to get grounded, especially since they're probably not old enough to drink

I agree 96. And if she keeps being reckless then she will continue to get grounded

You the **** is this a FML. You deserve this and then some.

I think that's supposed to be "How the **** is this an FML?"

Today, I had to pick up my dumbass daughter. She got drunk at a party same day I ungrounded her. FML.

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11, can you try speaking some correct English?