By Coaldust - / Tuesday 3 January 2017 02:02 /
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By  thehaystackerine  |  16

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  tallulahblu  |  0

Just because you can't afford more than a $20 bottle doesn't mean you should be judging anyone on what they choose to buy. Clearly you've never had a decent whiskey before otherwise you'd know it's about quality and not quantity.

By  kadrynna  |  18

If stealing seems like the best option because she's not old enough to buy it AND she's drinking to get cross-eyed, then she isn't mature enough to be drinking... or have a boyfriend

By  tallulahblu  |  0

I don't know where you're buying your Pappy from, but where I work we sell Pappy Van Winkle family reserve 23 year for $250. It was quite messed up for your niece to steal from you like that, but it sounds like you got money jacked when you first bought the bottle.

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