By lovethyneighbour - 04/08/2014 00:19 - Australia - Berowra

Today, my neighbour casually mentioned that he sold my car's GPS that I'd let him borrow. He figured I wouldn't be needing it anymore since I lost my license. FML
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I'd find a route to a lawyer immediately

You should casually mention that hes getting you a new one


I'd find a route to a lawyer immediately

Would a $10,000 lawsuit over a $200 GPS really be worth it #1?

There's something called "small claims" court. Don't know if a lawyer would be necessary, but it's not unusual for people to sue over things like this, and I think OP should definitely look into it.

You should casually mention that hes getting you a new one

Yeah, that's a whole new level of jacked up.

Get him to pay you back.If its worth alot and he doesnt maybe?

Why does this have so many negative votes?

hippo1234 19

Missing punctation and bad grammar, along with the fact that a lawyer has already been mentioned, are the likely causes of his downvotes.

So why does #38 have negative votes?

Because #38 is justifying the acts of grammar nazis.

and 45 is going against the grammar nazis warranting his downvotes. The joys of fml ;)

Don't worry, he can use the money he got from it to buy you a new one!

Sell one of his Kidneys as he only needs one to live.

I like your style

AnOriginalName 19

Same with a lung, and most of his intestines, and his appendix, a leg or two, a brain that isn't being used..... Or maybe just the kidney. That's a bit simpler.

You could probably get a good price for his brain since it seems to be unused and in mint condition.

Same with his heart.

No I don't think you'll get much for his brain, it seems a little defective to me

You should get him to pay you back or buy you a better one

atav 17

Sell his car, under the reasoning that he won't know where he's going without a GPS.

I doubt the neighbour has a car since he was borrowing OP's car. Edit: I read the FML that the car including GPS was borrowed not just GPS.

try a third time, it was an after market GPS, like a navman, not the car and GPS

Use the neighbors own logic against him, Sell his car since he won't need it anymore because he is going to jail.

What the heck? Who does that?? Like why even borrow one if you're just gonna sell it?

Throw him to a GWS - Great White Shark