By John jacob / Monday 13 June 2011 06:25 / United States
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it gets there when u are walking outside and it gets on your foot or leg. then crawls all the way to your man parts. it happend to me before and the sweeling was probubly from some desease the tick was carrying, so the bigger penis is a very bad thing


Call of duty (; (too bad u lost the war)

  DesB  |  7

It also could have when he pulled the tic off the the little stinger or mouth was still in his penis and that would have caused it to swell up... That's what happened to my two month old puppy... Unfortunately she died because of it :'(


I agree with 120. Heck, if I'm a tick i certainly wouldn't wanna hang around a person with bad hygiene, especially if I'm planning on attaching myself to someone's pubic hair. Just saying.

  nyrangers1022  |  6

weird, my old job i always had ticks on me cuz it required me to walk through the woods. Usually i jus brushed them off my clothes, occasionally one would bite me. so i pulled them out, but never got swollen from them. prob gave a disease like lymes


okay 167 I'm a man and you're a sexist dick. I've seen girls that kick more ass a video games than you ever could. guys like u shud Stfu and respect girls. and OP you should have used vaseline. they can't breathe so they leave.


only if you pull them off wrong. where I live ticks are everywhere and peak years you can't step outside without being bitten. just grasp them firmly as close to the head as you can and pull then wash with anti bacteria soap. I've lost count of how many tick bites I've had

  _LE4RN_  |  4

175- That's just because you're ugly as fuck. Rule #1 of CoD, any girl who plays is either a lesbian, ugly, fat, or trying to get guys to like them for playing CoD.

  izzie321  |  27

He probably didn't use tweezers and caused the tick to vomit into his blood system. While you're at the hospital you should plow a hot nurse while your penis is still swolen.

  Ugi  |  26

Google Ixodes_ricinus and you will discover that, around here, the tick's most common host is the sheep and therefore they are most commonly caught in the vicinity of sheep. They are not known as "the sheep tick" entirely at random.

However, that's beside the point. It was a cheap shot at a guy whose day could only really be made worse by a burgeoning reputation as a sheep-shagger. Accuracy was only a detail.

  dgr8ing  |  0

I am sorry but I hate you "build it bigger". how can someone piss away our resources, and advertise they have a small dick? they can drive your POS.

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