By Patrick - 27/01/2010 11:55 - United States

Today, I realized that my ex-girlfriend has gone further with a girl than I have. FML
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That sucks.... & apparently she does too =P

mandlebrot 0

so did she give you pointers on how to do it right?


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ydi for not making a move on her..

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Pics - if your hot..

hellokittywhore 0

lol same with my current boy friend, untill I came along that is!! :D

leela11 0

no shit Sherlock Holmes

swearmonkey 0

Woo-hoo! Rise against!

That is awesome!

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I have the video...

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I know!!!

That sucks.... & apparently she does too =P

you mean munch? :D

aahhhaa! is she a lesboo?


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agree with #5

Hahaha :D your awesome #5

Yeah, but it's ok because the OP has gone further with a guy than his girlfriend will ever dream of.

ohhhhh damn u gonna take that OP?????

lol- gay gay gay don't kill me! imma just joking!

haha, what a fail. :L YDI though for not making a move.

your gf is awesome

MrNewOrleans 0

indeed she is....

lol...that's sorta funny. it's awesome that you would write a fml like that!

Unless she has a strapon (which can be debated if that qualifies as Home base), she can only get to third. Go get a hooker and one-up her!

blinkingstarlet 15

this comment just makes you look super smart... asshole...

No one cares she's your ex.