By Anonymous - 23/8/2020 02:07

Father material

Today, according to my husband, if I die first he won’t be looking after my son from a previous marriage. Either my sister will have to take him or he’ll go into foster care. He doesn’t want kids of his own, so he’ll be dammed if he has to look after someone else’s just because I’m dead. FML
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By  TxKitten  |  8

If the biological father is alive, legally thats where he'd go. That fact aside, that's a pretty shitty person you married. Should had that convo before getting married. what a jerk!

  RichardPencil  |  30

The bio-dad already bailed on the kid once and that's when he had only 50%* obligation. What makes you think he'll step up to give the kid 100% care?

*And lots of dads do way less than 50%.

By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

You didn't discuss the fact that he resents your son's existence and doesn't want him before you got married? I couldn't marry somebody who didn't love my children.

By  s_ve  |  7

How did you marry some one who doesn’t like kids when you have one? I don’t understand how you didn’t see any red flags. Ydi your a mother take care of your child and be more aware of who you allow in your child’s life.