By chickenlover - 27/08/2009 20:53 - United States

Today, I was driving past a farm that always has 4 chickens walking around outside. It always cheers me up to see them, but I couldn't find them. I wasn't watching the road so I didn't see when I ran over all 4 chickens. FML
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lyndis_fml 0

Buy them some new chickens. They're probably not that expensive. Deliver the chickens with a sincere note of apology.

How the hell did you manage to run over four chickens?!


lyndis_fml 0

Buy them some new chickens. They're probably not that expensive. Deliver the chickens with a sincere note of apology.

heavenandhell 0

op deserves its for getting arroused by chikens

YDI idiot, what if you had a head on collision with someone else you deserve to have your license suspended if you cant even keep your eyes on the road YDI

RustyShackelfurt 0

I think you did a great service to us all. I used to look at those same chickens everyday while driving past the farm. I'm glad they are not there anymore, those damn things were distracting me from important things, like texting while driving!

@31 - Everyone makes mistakes on the road every once in a while (this one just happened to really suck for some poor chickens). I'm so sure you've never taken your eyes off the road for a second.... yeah right.

HAHAH DUDE YOUR TOTALLY RIGHT it was the toddlers fault for being in the crosswalk, not your fault for not paying attention

Oh look, a women. NO it is NOT okay to make mistakes on the road. That's how people get killed.

Maksimillian 0


why did the chickens cross the road? TO TEACH YOUR DUMBASS A LESSON. hope it's 4 deer next time. good luck.

ABbaby 10

#102 FTW!!!!!

@89 - I didn't say it was OK, I just said IT HAPPENS! The OP is not a horrible person!

xAllygator 1

Lol, I was thinking the same thing.

alliewillie 22

That's like saying "Oh I hit and killed your two dogs? Sorry about that, here's a couple new free ones". Lots of people have pet chickens (i have one that rides to work at the animal hospital with me and hangs out with our clients all day) and they aren't just "cheap replaceables". That's extremely sad for the owners.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you?! YOU ACT LIKE CHICKENS HAVE NO FEELINGS! Like he should only be apologizing to the owners. APOLOGIZE TO THE FUCKING CHICKENS FIRST.

Shelbtron you need to fucking see your mouth shut. YOU WISH DEATH TO CREATURES JUST TO TEACH AN IDIOT A LESSON! FUCK YOU

Hit and run!!

deadpool91 0

and the important question: why did the chickens cross the road?

pick them up and cook them, free chicken!!!

How to find a redneck.

Huh. I would have sworn the poster was gonna be a woman.

screwtaylor 0

Huh. I could have sworn you are a sexist idiot. Oh, wait.. you are.

RustyShackelfurt 0

make me a sammich and stfu!

ky_stone22 0

sorry, but I've got to go with screwtaylor's comment on this one

Eat the evidence.

rmujerita 0

bahaha that's hilarious

nikkiandyou 0

Awwwwwwe, thats so sad. F the poor chickens lives! well, it wasnt your fault...but still, sad dude.

How is it not his fault? He OBVIOUSLY wasn't watching the road.

he clearly states he wasnt watching the road, if you still think it wasnt his fault then you really need to get yourself checked out. would you still say it wasnt his fault if we replace the 4 chickens with 4 children?

How the hell did you manage to run over four chickens?!

Singularity_fml 0

One chicken per tire. Do the math. ;D

Good point. BRB, renting 18-wheeler. Gotta test your theory.

screwtaylor 0

Put them in your truck. You got some good eatin' food for tonight.

Q: Why did (n't) the chickens cross the road? A: BECAUSE YOU FRICKEN RAN OVER THEM!!!

Haha I laughed, but its still sad.

blah123blah 0

Why did the four chickens attempt to cross the road? To live a happy life in peace. Nice job, live with the guilt of killing not only 4 happy chickens, but killing their dreems too...