By msarosi - 28/04/2013 10:28 - Canada - Port Perry

Today, I popped a pimple while stopped at a red light. When I looked over the woman in the car next to me was laughing, and had her camera phone out. FML
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You must have had a HUGE, Osmosis Jones style pimple to elicit that reaction....


Damian95 16

That lady was either really bored, or really stupid.

ok OP, you know what you call a place surrounded by windows? PUBLIC. Expect to be watched. But this woman does sound a bit over-excitable...

37 - so if its not surrounded by windows its not public?

37, Does that mean an apple store isn't public since it doesn't have windows?

plum_lovin 28

Seriously? I have seen dirty old guys picking their nose in their cars like nobody's business. While I was in a car with a friend of mine, a creepy Mexican guy (not being racist, just making a description) stared at me while at the stop light non stop, then as soon as we drove off he started making kissy faces at me... trust me there are worse things out there and who gives a crap about that whack job lady.

55 - Mexican implies being born in Mexico. Hispanic would have been a more apt description unless you were, in fact, in Mexico.

Not sure of trolling or incredibly stupid. It was entertaining nevertheless.

Toasty283 8

Just hope you didn't become an Internet meme

You must have had a HUGE, Osmosis Jones style pimple to elicit that reaction....

In #24's defense, the movie was turned into a TV show

That's weird...but then again Aladdin was turned into a TV show too....

Ozzy and Drix was my favorite show as a kid.

After the movie it became a show later on

Next time draw a face on it and call it Pustulio. Hypnotize the weaker minds into obeying you... Like throwing their camera phones into traffic.

51 - I think that may only work with Irken pimples.

Invader Zim was my favorite show ever. XD

that's why you don't do that in public, unless you're being discreet about it, then do it.

Um OP was doing that in the car which is private enough to POP A PIMPLE... it's not like OP was having sex or something

Apparently it's not private enough. Now it's time to go to youtube to see if I can find the video!

matticus27 14

It happens to the best of us

Sometimes it's better not to try to understand some people :D.

It sounds like you need to burst her bubble and let her know that pimple popping is normal. There's no need to get all swollen and puss-- I mean fuss about it. Pore you, because now your private car activities are no longer safe. Why not try to break out of that habit?

She obviously has issues if she's laughing hysterically at you popping a pimple

Yes the Government got wind of her waking up, swung a satellite, tracked her movement, grouped 4 men to tail her and dressed one up as a chick to pull up next to her and snap pics just as she was going to pop that pimple. Boom, job well done. I feel safer.

She must live a very boring life if she finds pimple popping that hilarious

That's the issue with there being so little privacy with all these cameras anymore. Then again, you may want to do that in the privacy of your own home next time :P

maryiah 21

Maybe it's a sign that you should be paying attention to traffic instead of a pimple. But FYL, OP.