By Holymoly - Netherlands
  Today, I woke up with a hangover and my girlfriend seemed pissed at me. It took me a while before I remembered having sex the night before. I just didn't know exactly what had happened after that had pissed her off. Then I realized nothing happened, because I fell asleep while she was on top of me. FML
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By  little_musician  |  0

#2, the girl wasn't taking advantage of him. They were mutually involved in having sex, but the guy FELL ASLEEP--which would mean to the girl that he was not into it at all--WHILE they were engaging in it. Think of it this way: it's like when a girl moans even though she doesn't feel much while having sex.

  nlm92  |  15

It shouldn't mean anything if he fell asleep. He was probably just too tired. He's obviously interested because it was fml worthy for him. Women shouldn't have to fake moan either. If you're struggling to maintain your image in bed something's wrong. A woman should be able ask for something different if she wants it. A guy should be able to ask to postpone sex if he's too tired. There are so many lies in relationships these days it's regarded as normal.

By  Drizzt396  |  0

heh sounds like what happened to me saturday night...kinda

woke up fucking my ex sunday morning (completely mid-sex)...after talking to her about it later, apparently we both did...

...which is why I hate drunk sex...